Ethiopian Flight to Italy Hijacked, Lands in Geneva, Request for Asylum Made, Twitter Upset Mainstream Media Not Covering

prior to landingflightradar72Ethiopian Airlines Flight 702 headed from Addis Ababa to Milan signaled “Squawk 7500,” a radio frequency that indicates hijacking. The plane passed Rome, where it was supposed to stop, and Milan, where the flight was scheduled to end, eventually landing in Geneva. @matthewkeyslive posted audio purporting to be someone on the plane requesting asylum in communications with air traffic control in Geneva. reports asylum was negotiated between Swiss authorities (the ones available before 6am local time), the pilots, and the hijackers while the plane burned through its fuel over Lake Geneva. It finally landed at Geneva around 6am local time, and the airport remains closed with flights diverted to Zurich.

Twitter spent the last few hours pointing out social media was on ET702 news while the mainstream media wasn’t, though it appears, according to Twitter, to be being picked up by cable news outlets, including BBC and CNN. It doesn't yet appear to be on any of the major US news websites, including Also via Twitter, a press release from Ethiopian Airlines claiming passengers and crew were safe was pulled from its website. The pilots may have exited via the windows.

The Swiss, incidentally, recently voted to restrict the country’s immigration rules.

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  • Archduke von Pantsfan||

    Plane hijacking? how 1988.

  • Pompey||

    Plane hijacking is so 2001.

  • SIV||

    Hijacking is so 1971. w/o injury it as newsworthy as robbing a bank with a note. Unless it becomes a trend.

  • Archduke von Pantsfan||

    call George Smiley !

  • Swiss Servator, Befehl!||

    Smiley? He must not be in, as all I could get was his people.

  • Ted S.||

    Will Guy Smiley do instead?

  • ||

    +1 DB Cooper

  • grrizzly||

    Donc? Trop banal.

  • DH||

    Ethiopian Airlines? Im assuming there is no in-flight meal.

  • Archduke von Pantsfan||

  • DH||

    The real Cloud Nine Experience....

  • Seamus||

    That joke is so 1988.

  • pan fried wylie||

    Next time, fly SomaliAir.

    "Where we're going, we don't NEED roadz."

  • Almanian!||

    -1 roadway

  • Archduke von Pantsfan||

  • Dweebston||

    My friend interviewed with them a few months ago for a stewardess position. I tagged along as moral support. Unfortunately, their process involves inviting dozens of applicants, interviewing the first forty or so, then collecting resumes from the remaining candidates and politely suggesting they piss off. She was crushed, but I enjoyed the cornucopia of delightfully peppy Asian women.

  • Pompey||

    I have flown Emirates recently and enjoyed it. I gather from colleagues that travel more than me, unanimously cosier Singapore Airlines to be the standard bearer in terms of flight experience.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines consistently trade the number one place back and forth. Personally, I find the Cathay Pacific uniforms to be much more attractive than the faux-batik of Singapore.

    And don't get me started on that ugly-ass hat Emirates makes their stewardesses wear.

  • Pompey||

    Agreed on Cathay uniforms. Plus their meals are consistently solid and tasty. Takes a tiny bit of pain out of the 15+ hour flights.

    The latest time we went to JFK we took C&J Trailways' coach to the NYC Port Authority. Tolerable trip with soft seats, at $75/adult it affords a short stay in Manhattan to fool around before the painful trans-Pacific flight.

  • Pompey||

  • Swiss Servator, Befehl!||

    "The Swiss, incidentally, recently voted to restrict the country’s immigration rules."

    Are you insinuating that this is an immigration attempt, or did you lose a bet to Shika Dalmia and have to put an immigration dig into your next post?

  • rahul||

    I never hear that news before. Nice explanation admin, really knowledgeable for us

  • Almanian!||


    /Lionel Joseph

  • Geoff Nathan||

    CNN is now covering it. Seems the co-pilot waited till the pilot took a pit-stop, then locked the (now armored) door and took the plane to Geneva, where he requested asylum. Circled Lake Geneva till fuel was low enough to land safely, then landed. The co-pilot then climbed out of the pilot's window and was immediately arrested.

    So it's interesting semantically to think about whether this actually counts as a 'hijacking'.

    The comments on the CNN website are, shall we say, interesting.

  • Bubba Jones||

    Why on earth couldn't he request asylum in Rome? Or rent a freaking car and drive to Switzerland.


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