New NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton Ditches Embattled Veteran Head of Internal Affairs

nypd's top manPolicy ExchangeBill Bratton, the once and current commissioner of the New York Police Department, has started once again to mark the department as his, reportedly dismissing the heads of the Internal Affairs and Detectives bureaus. DNA Info explains:

[Charles] Campisi, who has some 40 years on the force, has been in charge of Internal Affairs… for nearly two decades, overseeing an expansion of the unit and its role in monitoring the integrity of New York’s Finest.

Insiders say that IAB became more widely known for petty enforcement such as towing improperly parked police vehicles and worrying about who was issued NYPD parking placards rather than fighting corruption during the past 12 years when Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly ran the NYPD.

In fact, many of the most serious corruption cases against city officers under Campisi's watch were brought by federal agents.

One such federal investigation, which reportedly included cooperation by Internal Affairs, involved massive disability fraud by retired NYC police officers and firefighters.

Last year, the police union demanded Campisi be fired after Internal Affairs searched the car of an off-duty cop who was beaten into a coma, while a pair of lawsuits alleged the Internal Affairs Bureau under Campisi engaged in arbitrary spying, racial discrimination, and sexual impropriety. Campisi is expected to be replaced by the head of the NYPD’s narcotics division.

The head of the Detectives bureau, Phillip Pulaski, meanwhile, was blamed by some of his subordinates for a drop in morale because of perceived micromanagement, and the detectives union (they have their own!) backed Bratton’s decision.

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  • playa manhattan||

    What are NYPD parking placards? Some kind of get out of jail free bullshit, I would assume.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • ||

    They are placards that you place on your dash, and no meter maid will give you a ticket no matter how or where you are parked, pretty much. If you want to see some, go walk down the street outside of a precinct station or outside the NYC Police Museum and you will see them in spades.

  • ||

    Fun bit: Years ago my shyster cousin (may he rest in peace) worked the legal halls of Montreal's judicial buildings. One day he 'pst' me and handed me some stickers. 'With these you can park anywhere on the island.'

    So my being a smart-alec, know-thing, university putz tried it out. Lo and behold I could park anywhere without a ticket. Some time later news broke of the scandal and how too many of these stickers were littering the city.

    Just before it hit the news I got a call from my cousin telling me to remove the stickers ASAP and hung up the phone.

    I don't know how involved he was but suffice to say, like anything with the guy, he was in the middle of it.

    What a character. Miss the fucker.

  • Swiss Servator, Befehl!||

    In Chicago, we would say "you gotta a guy". As soon as you described what he had done, I knew exactly what he was like...

  • RishJoMo||

    NYPD is a joke, plain and simple dude, a joke.

  • Swiss Servator, Befehl!||

    On point, for once, anonybot.

  • Sevo||

    In SF, we have "Handicapped Parking Stickers" and the price pretty much varies with the parking fines:
    "Possession of a blue placard allows one to park at any legitimate curbside space, any green zone, any blue zone, or in any City-owned parking lot, but not in a City-owned garage, for up to 72 hours without paying any fees."

  • Swiss Servator, Befehl!||

    It appears in IL there are 5 different classes of handicap placard holders;

    permanent disability, temporary disability, really enormously fat, old and entitled, dammit!, politically connected.

    Nothing like seeing an early 20 something jump out of her SUV in workout clothes and run into a store after parking in the "handicapped" spot.

  • ||

    Campisi is expected to be replaced by the head of the NYPD’s narcotics division.

    Heh; the top narc guy must be a paragon of police discipline & accountability.


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