Ghost Riders in the Ground

Friday fun link: "The Lost Cow Tunnels of New York City," in which Gizmodo explores a forgotten chapter in the history of American infrastructure, markets, and food. Here's the opening:


Like every other major metropolis, New York City has tunnels for people, tunnels for cars, and lots of tunnels for trains. But it also has something rather more unique: tunnels for cows. Or does it? This is the story of New York's lost, forgotten, or perhaps just mythical subterranean meat infrastructure.

Read the rest here.

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    Central Louisiana State Hospital had a cow tunnel. It was a mental hospital housing over 7000 patients decades ago. It was also a functioning town of sorts, larger than the town where it is located. It has it's own zip code, dairy farm, vegetable farm, machine shop, medical hospital, etc etc etc.

    The cow tunnel connected the dairy barn and stock yard to the pastures underneath a nearby highway system.

    The pastures have since been turned into a lake. When I was a kid my brother and I would use the cow tunnel to access the lake in the summers. Alas, the cow tunnel has since been filled in.

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    Jesse - that is alt-text gold! Gold! Bravo.

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    More proof that New Yorkers are Morlocks.

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    "Subterranean Meat Infrastructure:"

    Great band name or Greatest Band Name?

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    Betty Fussell related to Paul?

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