Take a Space Selfie on This Cool Private Orbiting Telescope!

arkydCredit: Planetary ResourcesThe big name space tourism companies are still working on getting off the ground, but that shouldn't stop you from getting some pretty great vacation photos of you making duckface with the Earth in the background.

For that, there's Arkyd. It's a space telescope that will allow private individuals to snap photos of the cosmos as well as grabbing space selfies, thanks to an on-board display screen and camera. 

There's a Kickstarter underway right now to fund the telescope project, and Planetary Resources is already almost halfway to their goal of $1 million. 

The ARKYD is a technologically advanced, orbiting space telescope that will becontrolled by YOU, the crowd, through your pledges and community involvement! You can even direct your telescope time to non-profit science centers and universities for use in your communities!

Just think about the true impact of this endeavor for a moment.  Together we can provide access to technology that costs tens of millions of dollars into the hands of students, scientists and a new generation of explorers, who will use it in ways we can’t even fathom yet! 

At Planetary Resources, our primary focus is mining asteroids, and we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible by vertically integrating and applying innovations from consumer-based industries. It’s our goal to reduce the cost of space observatories many times over, allowing anyone to access them for their own use. We want to empower the crowd to solve the big problems of our time — and this is the first step to making that a reality.   

Bonus: The Arkyd has competition. The Silicon Valley–based Moon Express company is sending a privately funded telescope to the moon for online viewing of Earth.

Here's the Kickstarter video:

Disclosure: I'm an investor in Planetary Resources, the company that is building the Arkyd.

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  • Pro Libertate||

    I'm a little unclear on why I'd do this. I mean, I'm all for the effort, but why not get shares or something for my money?

    Is this really more about a marketing effort than funding?

  • ||

    If it were legal to get shares on Kickstarter that would be awesome, but of course it isn't. What a free market paradise we live in.

  • Pro Libertate||

    I wasn't thinking shares from Kickstarter--I know how that works, more or less. I meant just buying shares the normal way.

  • Spoonman.||

    Private companies can only have so many investors before they get a bunch of crazy rules.

  • Pro Libertate||

    Yes, yes, I know all of this. Can I invest or not?

  • ||

    Yeah but you should be able to just throw up a project on something like Kickstarter and have some shares as a reward.

  • Pro Libertate||

    If it's not the SEC, it's state blue sky laws or people trying to remove limited liability. Really, it's amazing we have any semblance of a free market anymore.

  • margaretkelly078||

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  • Pro Libertate||

    Katherine, you say you're an investor? Are they publicly traded then?

  • Auric Demonocles||

    Pro Lib, you'll ruin your Christmas present if you keep asking these kind of questions.

  • Pro Libertate||

    I wouldn't mind throwing some cash away on this one. I mean, what the heck?

  • Auric Demonocles||

    If it ever comes through it'd be pretty awesome to say you are a (partial) owner of a space mining company.

  • Pro Libertate||

    Fuck yeah. Sure, I could become rich like a god, but even if it didn't perform at such interstellar heights, I agree it would be cool. Yes, I own a piece of that asteroid.

  • Barry Zuckerkorn||

    Maybe she means she's emotionally invested. I know I am.

  • Pro Libertate||

    I find the ROEI is not great in financial terms.

  • ||

    Looks to be privately traded.

  • Pro Libertate||

    So why does she get shares and I don't?

  • ||

    Because she's a dirty 1%er.

  • Pro Libertate||

    Well, then, I'm reconsidering this whole capitalism thingee.

  • Barry Zuckerkorn||

    I'm sure she'd be happy to sell you some of her shares. At the right price.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    I already photobombed the Earth once, thanks.

  • Pro Libertate||

    Can I use it to destroy the Earth? It obstructs my view of Venus.

  • Archduke Pantsfan||

    By all means.

  • Auric Demonocles||

    Just display a picture of Warty on that screen.

  • B.P.||

    The photos from that duckface link will do the job.

  • Broseph of Invention||

    #Disclosure, the close cousin of #Humblebrag.

  • JW||

    Why is it called the Akroyd?

  • Rasilio||

    Cause Bill Murray still gets the occasional acting gig and wouldn't give up the rights

  • Goldwyn Smith||

    Pissed at Agatha Christie for that ending?

  • Pro Libertate||

    Ah, Roger. The other Ackroyd.

  • Pro Libertate||

    Apropos of nothing, I can never consistently spell Dan's name right, which is Aykroyd. So this Arkyd business may have similar problems as far as I'm concerned.

  • WomSom||

    OK, lets roll that beautiful bean footage!



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