Brickbat: Pithed Off

Vermont Public TelevisionVermont Public TelevisionVermont state Sen. Peter Galbraith, D-Windham, spent hours questioning a fellow senator about a campaign finance bill. Finally, Senate Majority Leader Philip Baruth, D-Chittenden, had enough. He rose and cited Mason's Manual rule that no one can speak tediously and said, “I believe the senator has spoken tediously.” Sen. Richard Mazza, D-Grand Isle, was more blunt. “You're saying nothing,” he said to Galbraith. “No one's listening. Don't you get it.” Lt. Gov Phil Scott ultimately said he would not rule that Galbraith had spoken tediously. To do so, he said, would set a precedent.

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  • some guy||

    I wish I were in control of telling Senators (State or Federal) when they've been speaking tediously. Picture Dr. Evil silencing his son. It would be that, all day long.

  • LTC(ret) John||

    Zip it! .... zip!

  • WomSom||

    Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me dude, I like it.

  • Fluffy||

    The Vermont legislature is staffed by some real "local talent", if you get my drift.

    It's too large for the size of the state, so you get some real People of WalMart making it in.

    On the one hand, that's OK. It's kind of a legitimate citizen legislature. It's certainly much less corrupt than the legislatures of NY or MA.

    But it also leads to situations like what's coming up in health care. You have a legislature made up of guys who are really only marginally qualified to work at Home Depot who think they are going to successfully devise a one-state single-payer health care plan. And it's not like they'll have professional staff support like the Congress - it's pretty much all going to be on them. I imagine the outcome will be a little bit like assigning an Appalachian high school the task of building a nuclear reactor from plans.

  • Tim||

    Spot on.

  • Ted S.||

    It's too large for the size of the state, so you get some real People of WalMart making it in.

    I think you mean "People of the Artisanal Mayonnaise Shoppe" or something.

  • LTC(ret) John||

    A little early to sloopy-bait the thread, isn't it?

  • ||

    Agggggh, pus alert!

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Is Vermont's legislature all Democrats? I can't see why else they would start turning on each other.

  • ||

    SF'd the link again.

  • Ted S.||

    It could be worse. He could have linked to 24/7.

  • SugarFree||

    I am not Charles Oliver.

  • ||

    Can Tulpa be executed under this rule?

  • SugarFree||

    Dangerous precedent. If tediousness lead to the axeman, there'd only be about 20 of us left.

  • anarch||

    Namely, Herc debating with every anonybot.


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