Ed Krayewski on the Wilkow Majority on Sirius/XM Arguing Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

I’ll be on Andrew Wilkow’s show on Sirius/XM Patriot 125 at 1:40pm ET today to talk about my recent piece arguing for amnesty for illegal immigrants. How long should immigrants have been here to receive amnesty? Wouldn’t it just encourage more illegal immigration? What about sovereignty? Wilkow says he doesn’t “entirely agree” with me, so it ought to be an animated segment. Tune in if you’ve got Sirius/XM.

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  • Pro Libertate||

    Jesus, indentured servitude! Seven years, then you're eligible for citizenship!

  • ||

    Seven years? Wusses. I'd make it eighteen for the general case.

    Citizenship is way overrated, especially for immigrants looking for the marginal costs and benefits of migrating to the US. 98% of the benefit of citizenship comes from being able to live and work in the US. So give them the 98% without giving them citizenship on a platter, and everyone is better off.

    Well, everyone except unions and xenophobes.


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