Brickbat: Big Boobs

Tammie Jackson says students at Missouri's Central Middle School have been bullying her daughter Gabrielle because of her large breasts. She says that when she complained about the bullying one official told her that her daughter should get breast reduction surgery.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    We need to nip this kind of thing in the bud. What sort of boobs do we have working in public education anyway? They need to be more sensitive. Hopefully reason will keep us abreast of new facts as they develop.

  • AlmightyJB||

    Breast reduction? That dude needs to be shot. We don't need people like that in our society.

  • Ted S.||

    I figured the official in question was female.

  • ||

    or more of an ass man

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • ||

    Awesome. Thank you.

  • Fatty Bolger||

    This is why I support the immediate passage of the No Boob Left Behind Act. Call your Congressperson, today.

  • LTC(ret) John||

    "Jackson says all she wants is resolution to an issue she says can affect kids for the rest of their lives"

    Is that all? Oh, OK.

  • Night Elf Mohawk||

    At least the official didn't say something found in the Bible.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • Ted S.||

    Somehow, I doubt what the boys are doing is bullying.

  • $park¥||

    If she can just wait two years she'll start getting better comments about her giant breasts.

  • RBS||

    True. Isn't middle school supposed to suck for pretty much everyone except those kids who peak in middle school?

  • Rich||

    The lady on the phone said they could transfer my daughter and said her boobs were so large she will always get teased. And the only suggestion she had for me is to have my daughter get a breast reduction

    Let the lawsuits begin ....

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    And why not? Are they going to tell the Asian kid getting teased to get plastic surgery for his eyelids? Are they going to recommend the albino kid to dye his hair and get a tan? If that school's classroom management is so dysfunctional that they can't control their kids and create an atmosphere conducive to learning, then the school's administration is incompetent.

  • Rich||

    Therefore, they will always get teased.

  • Night Elf Mohawk||

    Hostile education environment, imo.

  • Drake||

    "always get teased"?

    How about always be popular unless she gets fat?

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    She can't help it if she goes to a school filled with little sarcasmics.

  • sarcasmic||

    I tease the chubby chasers, not the chubbies.

  • Lord Humungus||

    you know who else had large boobs?

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    Chunky Boobster?

  • Rich||

  • Fladnag the Yarg||

    That's scary!

  • Jordan||

    Hitomi Tanaka? (google image search extremely NSFW)

  • Bean Counter||

    Me, but I've joined a gym and gone on a diet.

  • anarch||

  • KPres||

    Can you imagine the reaction if we had a private education system and this kind of thing happened? That's the double standard between things that are nationalized, and things they want nationalized (see health care)

  • Finrod||

    Seems to me the biggest boobs here are the school officials.

  • wingnutx||

    Get her some Judy Bloom books and she'll be OK in a couple of years.


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