Nick Gillespie Talking State Tax Policy on HuffPost Live 8pm ET

I'll be on Huff Post Live talking about the move among various governors to scrap income taxes and go with sales taxes.

Go here to watch.

Update: Below is a link to vid that should either work now or shortly (circa 8.36pm ET).

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  • Gladstone||

    Hitler opposed taxes except for the ones he supported. Gillespie

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    You know who else selectively supported- oh, wait...

  • Mediterranean Death Cult||

    DNN2FIFY. (Did not need to fix it for you.)

  • ||

    I got your post RIGHT HERE! HUFF THIS POST!

    *points to genitals*

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Just like Linndie England.

  • Broseph of Invention||

    Summary: Competition between states for residents and business is bad. Government is purposefully a jobs program. Democracy is a tool for evening out the score.

    Sometimes knowing what others think is critical to convincing them, and sometimes it just makes you want to give up and do drugs.

  • Hollywood||

    Thank you for the summary. I am always afraid of the latter outcome.

  • Sevo||

    Maybe OT, maybe not:
    "Tina Turner, Swiss Citizenship: Icon to Make Switzerland Residency Official"
    Now, there's a chance she's changing citizenship since the cruises on Zurichsee are so enjoyable. And they're probably dirt cheap after you don't pay US taxes anymore...

  • Gladstone||

    Shouldn't we be getting Beyond Thunderdome?

  • Coeus||

    Definitely OT:

    Some pigs are more equal than others.

    Houston police are getting on board with a program several North Texas police departments already have. If an officer is drinking and can't drive they can get a cab ride home for free.
    The program is paid for and only available for members of the police officers' union and only if they sign up for it. But it's anonymous so there's no record of if and when an officer uses it.

    Your tax dollars at work.

  • Sevo||

    Can't really gripe about this; the union dues are providing benies to the members.

  • Coeus||

    So you have no problem that, at the end of the day, you have less money for your cab cause these bottom feeders can't be bothered to pay for their own? Who do you think pays those dues?

  • Sevo||

    "Who do you think pays those dues?"
    Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems the folks paying the dues are getting the rides paid for by those dues.
    Yes, the taxpayers pay the cops, but after that, the cops do what they want with their income.

  • Coeus||

    Yes, the taxpayers pay the cops, but after that, the cops do what they want with their income.

    The cops never see a dime of that money. Dues go straight from the city to the unions.

  • Sevo||

    "The cops never see a dime of that money. Dues go straight from the city to the unions."
    Yep, and the cops (mostly) agree to that distribution.
    I'm having a hard time seeing a gripe here.

  • Coeus||

    I'm having a hard time seeing a gripe here.


  • Sevo||

    Coeus| 1.25.13 @ 10:21PM |#
    "I'm having a hard time seeing a gripe here.

    Nope. You can gripe that the market clearing price for cops isn't being met, and I'll agree.
    But absent that, the cops are paid what they are paid, and if some of that goes to taxi fares, that is their choice,

  • ||

    That's your bitch? We are also paying their mortgage, paying for their practice ammo and the ammo they use to kill us and our dogs...I'd rather just get them drunk.

  • An0nB0t||

    That sounds a little nicer than the reality, which is that your money is being extorted, funneled into a giant pool (none of which is yours) and then used for whatever the overlords want, which may or may not include police unions, publicly funded baseball stadiums, or green energy initiatives.

  • ||

    Sorry Coeus, but these guys are right.

    Unfortunately in that time several officers have been arrested for drinking and driving. Most recently the department's chief of staff and a DWI enforcement officer were arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.[That's why, emphasis mine.]

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving applauds the program.
    [Gotta get the suburban moms on board.]

    Once you've had a few to drink you don't think correctly. You just don't. Your brain changes. That's why this program is great, because ahead of time they can think, 'Okay, I've got this card. I can make this call,'" said Jeff Miracle with MADD.

    Unlike the other programs, Fort Worth's was not set up to be used only for officers who are intoxicated. But it has been one of the program's key elements and organizations like MADD hate to see officers arrested for something they can avoid.
    [Emphasis mine. How thoughtful of them.]

    The program is paid for and only available for members of the police officers' union and only if they sign up for it. But it's anonymous so there's no record of if and when an officer uses it.[Emphasis mine. We certainly wouldn't want to besmirch the reputation of the police, now would we?]

    I don't see anything wrong here, per se. If the city set up a separate program in addition to their regular defined benefits, then you would have a legit gripe.
  • ||

    Hey Reason, you will never see another penny from me unless you fix the preview. Ponjatno?

  • VG Zaytsev||

    I don't see a problem with the program as long as it remains funded by the union and doesn't shift to being funded by taxpayers. But, why can't the cops just pay directly for their own cabs? Why the third party payer bullshit.

    On the other hand, it's got to be good if cops are getting busted for 'drunk driving' like the rest of us.

  • ||

    But, why can't the cops just pay directly for their own cabs? Why the third party payer bullshit.

    Because, VG, this is known in insurance parlance as, "Collectivizing your risk pool."

    That said, I agree with you 100% and why birth control (or anything else) should not be subsidized.

  • Death Rock and Skull||

    This just shows that the police union contains sleaze, but this isn't necessarily corruption.

  • Thane of Whiterun||



    Maybe the footprint I made on my birth certificate counted as a signature?

    I wouldn't call that "informed consent" though.

  • Sevo||

    OK, took about 30 seconds of Dave Johnson to realize he needs a new brain.
    His concept of the 'social contract' is nothing other than a restatement of class warfare.
    Screw Dave Johnson with Kugman's dick.

  • Hyperion||

    Krugman has a dick? Where did he buy it?

  • RightNut||

    Ya when he said government is a jobs program I had about the same reaction Nick had.

  • Sam Grove||

    OK, took about 30 seconds of Dave Johnson to realize he needs a new brain.

  • An0nB0t||

    It never fails to astonish me when people trot out the same old canards as though they've never been corrected before. Dave has probably gone through his whole life being corrected, but none of that self-evident truth seems to have penetrated his thick skull.

    The state of Louisiana saves millions by switching to rental cars? "What about all the lost jerbs!" This is the same kind of economically illiterate idiot who'd ban tractors to create more agricultural employment opportunities.

  • Thane of Whiterun||

    Also OT:

    Remember the condom study (pdf) from the other day? I read it and... has no control group. All of the reports are from condom users (and is even largely replete of responses from "men
    who use condoms less frequently").


  • Coeus||

    OT again:

    Fake economist gets caught. Preaching about the evils of austerity. Observe the morons rallying about him.

    2013-01-25 03:02:59 PM
    Being against the austerity cuts makes him a better economist than all the "real" economists who think the cuts will help Portugal.

    2013-01-25 03:03:54 PM
    Did not read the article but it should be this man:

    what a laugh.

    I Like Bread
    2013-01-25 05:37:45 PM
    Darn, I thought this would be about Ludwig von Mises.
  • iggy||

    Wait, they think Arthur Laffer is a fake economist? From the wikipedia page that chucklefuck cited:

    'The term "Laffer curve" was coined by Jude Wanniski, who was also present. The basic concept was not new; Laffer himself says he learned it from Ibn Khaldun and John Maynard Keynes.[5]'

    What did John Maynard Keynes have to say about taxation being too high?

    Quote: "Nor should the argument seem strange that taxation may be so high as to defeat its object, and that, given sufficient time to gather the fruits, a reduction of taxation will run a better chance than an increase of balancing the budget."

    So the actual idea of the Laffer curve goes back at least as far as Keynes. Strange that this left-winger doesn't claim Keynes isn't a real economist.

  • Sevo||

    You Know My Name| 1.25.13 @ 10:10PM |#
    "What is the ideal wage? Oh yeah, "the market will set it." Great that I put my faith in the market. The market ALWAYS makes things better. Just look at Nigeria..."

    Yes, we do know your name. You're Brain-Dead Lefty.
    We got it. Now, go try to convince equally stupid lefties your on to something.
    Here, you simply one more Marxist worthy of derision.
    "Im sure if the Nigerians could be transported to America to work in unskilled jobs America would look just like it does now, or better."

    Yeah, well as an ignorant asshole, anything you're sure of is dead certain to be a lie.
    Go away, asshole.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    It's just American/Liberty trolling under a different name after he was revealed to be a child molester earlier Friday morning.

  • Sevo||

    Missed the revelation.

  • Calidissident||

    "Because all races and cultures are equal. Else your a racist."

    Believing that different races are inherently unequal is the definition of racism. This isn't that complicated

  • VG Zaytsev||

    The market ALWAYS makes things better. Just look at Nigeria.

    Wrong African country, dude.

    Somalia is supposed to be libertopia, not Nigeria.

  • Sevo||

    OT: Court questions whether court is competent to decide constitutional issues!
    Uh, what?!
    "But U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said federal law appears to leave renewal of the lease up to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar."
    Yeah, but judge, is the law constitutional? 'Well, uh, well, I'm not real shmart' says Judge Gonzales...'

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • Hyperion||

    That's not PC, shall not affect the Emperor, cut to camera 2.

    This is better:


  • ||

    That was just... awful.

  • ||

  • ||

    Completely OT:

    So typical. BVO has been used in soft drinks since 1931. There are two documented cases of impaired health from BVO. eighty years.

    One was a man who was hypersensitive to Bromine anyway, and who drank EIGHT liters of a soda with BVO in it at one sitting. The other was a man who drank 2+ liters/day for years. Neither of them suffered any permanent health effects.

    And Japan and the EU are even bigger pussies than we are, with a rampant sub-culture of GMO/Chemical conspiracy theorists.

    BTW, flour, water, and jello can be categorized as flame retardants...

  • Gladstone||

    So where is Mr. McArdle and Kevin Loder reviews of Movie 43?

  • ||

    Doc, are you on?

    I just turned on HBO and there is this movie on called Dune.

    Does it have anything to do with that obscure book written by Frank Herbert?

  • ||

    I suggest you call teevee provider and inform them that may have a fraud on their hands, as there is no movie by that name in relation to Herbert's literary masterpiece. I have heard arcane legend that David Lynch was involved somehow, but both Google and Jandeks have given me raspberries.

    I surmise you are really far gone with these delusions of grandeur, and were given an honourable medical discharge from the AF. Are you eating grapefruit with your mental pills, perchance?

  • stevecall||

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  • ||

    Chrysler? Well, there's your problem.

  • 34lbs||

    Things not working, damn thing sucks.

  • waaminn||

    Sounds like a plan to me dude.


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