Tomorrow many will be watching the presidential election with a mixture of excitement, dread, and apprehension. If the Reason staff’s voting intentions are anything to go by it looks like for at least some libertarians the race for the White House will offer no cause for celebration, whatever the outcome.

However, despite the lack of enthusiasm that we might have in the top two contenders for the presidency, there are plenty of races we will be keeping a close eye on.

Liberal marijuana measures are on the ballot in Washington, Oregon, Arkansas, Colorado, and Detroit. As Jacob noted, it looks like Washington will vote in favor of legalization, while Colorado’s Amendment 64 has 50 percent support. Victories for the anti-drug war crowd in any of these races would be a welcome step forward. But, considering how the DEA has acted under both Republican and Democratic presidencies there will be reason to worry about how the federal government will react to these measures, whoever is president.

In Massachusetts the right to die is on the ballot. Question 2 would allow the terminally ill to receive a life-ending dose of drugs. Recent polling shows that a little over half support the measure.

Healthcare policy is also on the ballot in a few states. Montana’s LR-122 has been put on the ballot in response to Obama’s eponymous healthcare law, and would allow for Montanans to decide if they would like to go without health insurance. Alabama Amendment 6 would ban mandatory participation in a healthcare system.

Gay marriage is being put to voters in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, and Washington.

In California, which has spent over $4 billion executing 13 people since 1978 and has over 700 inmates on death row, the abolition of the death penalty is being put to voters.

Collective bargaining, which put Wisconsin politics on the national stage earlier this year, is on the ballot in a number of states. Idaho Propositions 1, 2, and 3 affect teacher union bargaining, Michigan Proposal 2 would, if passed, establish collective bargaining as a right.

Louisiana could fortify already existing gun laws if Amendment 2 is passed. Idaho HJR2, Nebraska Amendment 2, and Wyoming Amendment B would all (if passed) protect fishing and hunting rights.

In Georgia voters will decide on whether they want the state to be allowed to set up charter schools. Washingtonians will have the opportunity to decide if they want to embrace charter schools.

This small sample is far from comprehensive, but it should give readers some idea of what some of us will be keeping an eye on tomorrow evening.

We will be live tweeting election night tomorrow from 7:30pm ET. Reason 24/7 will be providing updates on the presidential election, the measures and initiatives mentioned here, and much more.