Gary Johnson Gets Endorsement From Barstool Sports

The publisher of the wildly popular and controversial Barstool Sports blog has announced his support for Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson. David Portnoy had largely avoided political commentary on his site until now, because he doesn’t vote and hates the two major parties.

Turns out, Portnoy is a libertarian. He just didn't know it. 


So a couple weeks ago I tweeted out the following…

“What happens if I’m pro gay, pro choice, pro porn, pro small government, pro don’t get involved in shit that doesn’t involve you?  Am I just fucked?”

Well people universally called me a Libertarian which I didn’t even know existed. Apparently it means liberal social views and conservative financial views.  

Portnoy was finally swayed by the now viral video of Johnson crowd surfing at an event in Salt Lake City.

“I think I can get on board with this fucking guy. Yup it’s official. This is the first ever Barstool political endorsement. I roll with G Money.”

In addition to running the Barstool Sports sites, Portnoy organizes events at college campuses and nightclubs across the Northeast Corridor. In 2011 Portnoy faced major criticism for posting nude photos of Tom Brady’s baby coupled with lewd headlines. 

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  • CE||

    So now it's a 3-man race!

    Go G-Money!

  • ||

    1-2% here we come!

  • deified||


    It's time to re-brand the LP into the "Mind your fucking business" Party.


  • some guy||

    Mind Fuck Your Business - Party?

  • ||

    I'm not sure whether I should be excited about this or not.

  • ||

    Well people universally called me a Libertarian which I didn’t even know existed. Apparently it means liberal social views and conservative financial views. Others called me a Jew.

    Is it bad that I laughed when I read that last sentence?

  • ||

    It's just so out of nowhere.

  • ||

    No, it's funny.

  • Rob||

    I'm Jewish and I laughed, so I think you're okay.

  • Cavpitalist||

    I'm Argentinian German, and I got a chuckle, too, so it's all good.

  • Tfboyle||

    He is Jewish and everyone (including himself) makes fun of himself for that fact (and his large nose). So its not out of the blue at all for the site.

  • ||

    I actually was a regular reader of that site in college despite not being from Boston. He can be pretty hilarious at times, in particular his ongoing dispute with the Occupy Boston feminists.

  • Josh M.||

    Guy needs to clean his office!

    But glad he supports Gary Johnson!

  • Jesus H. Christ||

    That must be a very old picture, or it's staged. The computer monitor on the desk is so 90's.

  • IceTrey||

    Seriously, how can you be a grown man and never have heard the word "libertarian" before?

  • ||

    Sports nerd.

    Just look at Matt Welch (another sports nerd). Before he got a job at reason I doubt he really knew what a libertarian was either.

    Nick: so i read your stuff. Are you a libertarian?

    Matt: What is a libertarian exactly.

    Nick: One who socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

    Matt: I have seen the Berlin Wall come down and liked that and i am socially liberal. So yeah I guess i am sort of a libertarian.

    Nick: Hmmm... Well you are a damn good writer and you can make a deadline. We will try you out.

    Matt: Cool. So libertarians are in favor of campaign finance reform right?

    Nick: uh...i guess we will be talking about that....

  • ||

    This was plausible until the campaign finance part. Unless there's something about Welch I don't know....

  • ||

    Unless there's something about Welch I don't know....

    There is.

    I remember him writing or saying on some video that he was convinced after joining Reason that campaign finance reform was a limit on free speech.

    My biggest error I think is I do not know if Nick hired might have been Virginia.

  • ||

    I remember him writing or saying on some video that he was convinced after joining Reason that campaign finance reform was a limit on free speech.

    Oh cool.

  • ||

    Wall street has its two parties, it's time we the people had our own!

    We the people do not elect the POTUS, the Electoral College does.

    It won't matter who you vote for, it will be business as usual, just the money going into a different pocket

    If you watch this you will have to agree that we need our own party.

    I encourage everyone to change their party affiliation to INDEPENDENT,

    Imagine if all the RED and BLUE States all turned GOLD and SILVER (real money feels soooo different and keeps its value).

    READ THE CONSTITUTION AGAIN! (if you don't have a copy, google it) Only it and the wisdom of our forefathers can save us.

    Sgt. Mac - USMC - Vietvet - I served so YOU could be FREE! Financial terrorism is not freedom, It makes us ALL SLAVES.

    If you agree, help me POST THIS.
    Please help me make this go viral!

    COPY PASTE EVERYWHERE! You don't need my permission.

  • ||

    How about you encourage people to change their affiliations to "libertarian"?

  • ||

    Fuck me running.

    This should have been a milestone year for the LP. What with Johnson's resume and the wake of Ron Paul, and two candidates that want more of the same as the country goes up in flames. Libertarian should be polling double digits.

    But hey at least we got the flatulent drunken sports guy's vote.

  • ||

    I blame Tulpa.

  • Cavpitalist||

    Hard to win when you aren't in debates, polls, or the media's narrative.

    3/4 of America doesn't even know who Gary Johnson is. 46% of them say they want to vote for someone other than Romney or Obama.


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