DNC Attendee Prefers Tennis To Obama's Speech

CHARLOTTE – Last night, I wandered through the deserted concourse of the Time Warner Cable Arena between Vice President Biden and President Obama’s speeches in hopes of finding some straggling dignitary. Instead I found a middle-aged woman from Virginia watching a quarter-final match of the U.S. Open on a big screen TV.

“Look at that! Look at how intense it is! He was like, down 5-3 and now he is, like, winning!” she told me leaning back in some folding chair.

A handful of cops and security guards looked on bewildered at this odd spectacle. The concession workers nearby were all but ready to close shop. The woman, the wife of a Virginia delegate, declined to identify herself but said she drove to Charlotte to support her husband.

“He’s over there and enjoying it,” she said motioning to the arena.

She’s tired of hearing the president speak and the whole convention, for that matter.

“I’ve heard him so many times. Last three days I’ve heard the same thing over and over,” she said rolling her eyes.

Her husband got her a pass for all three days of the convention but it relegated her to the extremely steep nosebleed sections of this poorly designed modern arena.


Serbian Novak Djokovic had just won a set with a crushing serve against Juan Martin Del Porto, an Argentine.

Djokovic is her favorite tennis player.

"I just like him. He was down for much of the summer and I felt sad for him. Now he’s playing good so I am enjoying it," she said

But what about the president’s speech? Doesn’t she care about what he has to say at all?

"The president is OK but honestly, looking at it from all the way back there it’s not for me,” she said.

"I like my tennis.” 

Djokovic won 6-2, 7-6, 6-4. 

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  • ||

    This is a woman who has her priorities straight. No sarcasm.

  • Drake||

    She is the sanest and / or most honest person in the building.

  • ||

    Djokovic is her favorite?!?

  • mnarayan||

    I don't get it.

  • ||

    Federer and Roddick are out, Donald Young got taken out in the first round by Federer, and Isner, Querrey, Fish, and Ferrer are all out.

    I want a Berdych/Murray final. Fuck Djokovic. I am, as always, rooting for Sharapova, though.

  • $park¥||

    Fuck Sharapova, I know I'd like to.

  • ||

    Exactly. With Kirilenko and Ivanovic out, who else is there to root for?

    Yes, I'm shallow.

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    I've had the delight of seeing Maria out and about in Manhattan Beach a number of times. Stunning.

  • Ted S.||

    Considering that Berdych and Murray are playing each other in the semifinal, it's going to be difficult for both of them to reach the final. (I'd like to see Berdych v. Ferrer, just because of how many people's minds it would blow. Not that it's going to happen.)

    Sharapova is vastly overrated in the looks department. And I don't get the whole "I'm proud I watch women's sports looking for a reason to masturbate" attitude, anyway.

  • ||

    Obviously breaking news. Don't see why you waited until this afternoon to post it.

  • CampingInYourPark||

    This guy isn't the brightest bulb in the box. Take a gander at his tweets from the convention.

  • mnarayan||

    I kind of feel posting the photo is a dick move. Even if no one else can tell who it is, her husband could likely recognize the pink track suit.

  • Drake||

    She doesn't seem like the type to care. Tough shit if you don't like it.

  • Tman||

    Any way we can nominate this lady for president?

    Is it too late?

    Pink Tracksuit For President:"Let's all watch some tennis!"

    She's got my vote.

    But Djokovic can't be her favorite. That's just terrible.


    Article not partisan enough.

  • ||

    Fuck, the Bryan brothers are just retarded good. And I hate doubles.

  • Ted S.||

    They're just retarded. I hope they injure themselves doing their puerile chest-bump thing.

  • Death Rock and Skull||

    Why the hell was a big screen tv with cable hooked up just sitting on a table there?

  • Michael||

    Hey, I totally forgot to ask - did anybody catch the really brief clip of a lady doing some kind of bizarre, deeply spiritual Watusi freakout during Obama's speech? I think she was wearing a yellow jacket of some sort. It's the most animated GIF worthy piece of footage I have seen in recent memory, though for the sake of my own conscience I really hope it was a genuine reaction to the Lord High Almighty In Chief and not due to some awful medical condition.

  • CampingInYourPark||

  • Randian||

  • Michael||

    Okay, that's not as jarring as it was when I first saw it, but holy hell is that still ever so creepy.

  • Loki||

    I have to say the religious like devotion of some of Obama's followers - and I use that word deliberately - was and continues to be the creepiest thing about the guy. He's a fucking human being, not some kind of supreme being you fuckwits!

  • ChrisO||

    Wow, that's awesome. Wonder what sort of spasm she was having during Granholm's speech?

  • B.P.||

    Hey, come on now. At some point a 98-year-old woman needs to stand up to the extremists and defend her right to access free contraception and abortions.

  • Skip||

    How dare anyone think of gay marriage the same way the President did a couple of months ago!

  • The Late P Brooks||

    Something tells me this woman could handily defeat Claire McCaskill, if she wanted to relocate.

  • Under_Pressure||

    Am I missing a joke about how a folding chair is "some special kind?"

  • Ted S.||

    Djokovic won 6-7-6 to del Potro 2-6-4.

    Garrett Quinn obviously doesn't know how tennis scores are reported. :-p It should read something like, "Djokovic defeated Del Potro 6-2 7-6 6-4."

    Personally, I was flipping back and forth between the tennis match and the Mack Sennett shorts on TCM.

  • Randian||

    Garrett Quinn obviously doesn't know how tennis scores are reported

    Or doesn't care, like a normal person.

  • Zeb||

    Are normal people those dicks who never shut up about football?

  • ||

    No, just Randian.

  • Randian||



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