Vote High Desert Barbecue as Book of the Month!

The much-celebrated (within the confines of Cornville, Arizona) novel, High Desert Barbecue, a wacky, wacky tale of adventure in the Arizona wilderness, is a contender for July Book of the Month at the Freedom Book Club. Since I'm the author of the novel, that pleases me to no end. No end at all. The announced purpose of the Freedom Book Club is:

Freedom Book Club is devoted to getting books promoting individual liberty on the New York Times Best Seller List. This is done through the bourgeoise multitudes buying the selection of the month all during a specified range of dates (during the same week). It is the goal of Freedom Book Club to transform the world to into a free society through the education of self and sharing with others.

However achievable that goal may be, I'm on-board with it, and so should you be, of course. Past winners of the coveted Book of the Month can be found here. They're all fine books, of course, but none measures up to the standards of the novel that Matthew Alexander reviewed at Prometheus Unbound as:

I think the best word to describe the book is ‘fun’. The peculiar characters and the humor they create fit perfectly with the lean style and fast story. It is equal parts prose that Kurt Vonnegut would approve of, eccentricity like you might find in a Coen brothers dark comedy, and libertarian morals embracing the permissive side.

"ADuckNamedJoe" of Ars Gratia Libertatis agreed, writing:

J.D. Tuccille’s first novel, High Desert Barbecue, is a great read. Filled with likable characters, tons of humor, and a nice sprinkling of libertarianism throughout, its breezy style makes it an easy story to pick up and get into.

So vote! Vote early and often! Vote Chicago-style! Vote here (if you enter your email address, your vote has extra weight)!

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  • RBS||

    I voted. So now I'm supposed to wait until you win the survey to buy the book right?

    Also, you should take book pimping lessons from certain other Reason authors...

  • jdtuccille||

    Yep -- the idea is to hold off until a designated week, and then buy the winning book. Of course, if you were to want to pass a copy along ...

  • sticks||

    I just finished High Desert Barbecue this morning. Good stuff. Any other novels in the works?

  • jdtuccille||

    I plan to write a sequel to HDB, but I haven't had time to start. Soon ...

  • DantoRang||

    Those guys rea really not making a whole lot of sense dud.e WOw.

  • ||

    Anonbot needs a breathalyzer.

  • Brett L||

    So which version pays you more on Amazon? Kindle or dead tree?

  • jdtuccille||

    I make more on dead tree copies sold through Amazon, but the take on the Kindle version is a higher percentage of cover price. I don't feel misused either way.

  • ||

    J.D., I'll vote for you for a hat-tip (hint)!

    Also, has Dr. Tucille weighed in on this honour that you have been bestowed? I imagine bliss in the Tucille household abounds!

  • ||

    Honour. Haemorrhoids. Mmm hmmm.

  • jdtuccille||

    The hat tip is on its way -- thanks for the lead! Dr. Tuccille is quite please, as you might expect.


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