Finds Unretouched J.Lo-as-Selena Poster

While scouring the kingdom in’s quest for vetting-worthy material about the past life (lives?) of President Barack Hussein Obama, Joel B. Pollak finds a real piece of American history. 

This faded, apparently original poster captured Jennifer Lopez in a pivotal moment: Had she bombed in the 1997 biopic about Tejano superstar Selena, there would have been no On the 6, no Glow by J.Lo, maybe even no What to Expect When You’re Expecting feature adaptation. Fortunately for all of us, Lopez failed to bomb in Selena and went on to enjoy a lustrous career. 

Folks of a certain age will no longer chuckle when I note that the poster here has the back of an Obama for Congress 2000 card, which heralds the then-state senator’s losing race against incumbent Bobby Rush. 

"Obama’s got specific plans to cut prescription drug prices and to stop racial profiling," said an attack ad on Rush that Obama bought during a debate commercial break. "And Obama can help bring jobs back to the South Side."

Pollak draws an inference from Rush's complaint about the ad. He also quotes’s Dave Weigel at length concerning Obama’s negative campaigning in 2008. 

I'd like to see microvetting of Obama's promises by some of our country's thousands of idled history majors.

Offhand, I'd say: Obama can't really claim credit for Medicare Part 2, which cut prescription drug prices to $0.00 (adjusted for inflation), because that passed before he got to the U.S. Senate. I have no idea how the racial profiling and Southside jobs numbers are going. 

Here are Obama, Rush and friends debating at the dawn of a new millennium. :

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  • Brutus||

    I'd like to see microvetting of Obama's promises by some of our country's thousands of idled history majors.

    I think you'd find that President Unicorn is the dreamiest CiC evah!

  • Romulus Augustus||

    I'd like for them to find one friend of Obama's from "the old days" who remembers him claiming to be born in Kenya. Sounds like something he might do to be "cool." I had friends who bragged about, for example, being 1/2 Cherokee whenever we were out roaming the woods and creeks (Actually, they were) or told of their father's heroic
    exploits in WWII (when he repaired engines on bombers stationed in England.)

  • RBS||

    Unfortunately, those friends are being held at an undisclosed facility.

  • RPR2||

    Selena 4 Ever

  • Entropy Void||


  • Proprietist||

    "Fortunately for all of us, Lopez failed to bomb in Selena"

    Fortunately??? Speak for yourself.

    "and went on to enjoy a lustrous career."

    "Gigli" was certainly the pinnacle of fine American cinema...

  • Paul.||

    To be fair, if we judged Robert De Niro by Hide and Seek, he'd be a sign spinner over by the mall.

  • Proprietist||

    Fair, but let's compare J. Lo's best acting with De Niro's worst. I'm guessing De Niro still comes out ahead. And we're not even talking about J. Lo's horribly cliched music.

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    I worked on a music video with J Lo. I had to work very closely with her, repeatedly removing, repairing , and replacing her thigh-high boot. Unfortunately, she doesn't like to be touched. Psycho.

  • lack||


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