The Libertarian Party Convention Drinking Game

Las Vegas - Brian Holtz, a candidate for the Libertarian Judicial Committee, is distributing campaign flyers that feature his support for the controversial convention floor fee. This is the first time the Libertarian Party has charged a mandatory fee to be a delegate to the national convention and it has pissed off some of the rank and file. Two proposals to the party by-laws related to the floor fee failed to achieve enough votes for passage.

On the other side of his flyers is a Libertarian Convention floor drinking game.

Some of the highlights. Drink if:

- Starchild arrives not wearing a sash.

- Any delegate arrives in a Guy Fawkes mask (one just asked to use my power strip) 

- George Phillies criticizes someone as a “Republican”

- Gary Johnson gets compared to Bob Barr

- A veteran infighter says “the enemy is not in this room.

- Bob Sullentrup makes a baseball analogy

What would a major political event be without a drinking game?

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  • Mr. FIFY||

    Who the fuck can straight-faced seriously compare Barr to Johnson?

  • ||

    Anyone who's looks mainly at superficial similarities. And SIV.

  • ||

    Or is that the same thing?

  • CE||

    Or, consider who the leading candidates are for your nomination, then drink to drown your sorrows.

  • oldtimer||

    Does it count if, at first sighting on camera, Starchild meets the above stated criterion?

    I can well be on my way to getting sloshed.

  • SIV||

    Do the rules stipulate all drinks are to contain colloidal silver?

  • zamoracarl711||

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  • Carol Moore DC||

    I heard there was one for Mark Montoni...

  • Coach Outlet123||


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