The Libertarian Party Convention Has Begun

Las Vegas - The Libertarian National Convention kicks off today at the Red Rock Casino and Resort, but the real action won't take place until Friday and Saturday, when delegates from around the country vote for the party’s presidential ticket.

Party insiders do not expect a repeat of the contentious 2008 convention, when it took over six ballots for former Georgia congressman Bob Barr to win the nomination.

There will likely be some drama, however, as the Libertarian Party doesn't have pledged convention delegates. According to party rules, all delegates are free to vote for the candidate of their choosing and there are no so-called “Super Delegates,” like in the two major parties.

The national party leaves it up to the state parties to determine how they pick delegates for the national convention. Most  select their delegates at a state convention or caucus, effectively relegating the presidential primary to the status of an irrelevant beauty contest in some states. The primary is really the rounds of voting that will take place on the convention floor. Delegates do not have to vote for any of the candidates either, as “None of the above” is an option.

How many delegates a state is allocated is determined by party membership and the number of votes cast for the party in the last national election. There are 1,042 delegates up for grabs with California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and New York being the most delegate-rich states. With just three each, North Dakota, D.C., Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wyoming have the smallest delegations.

The home state of the front-runner for the nomination, former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, has just eight. 

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  • Soc Indv Sparky||

    There will likely be some drama, however, as the Libertarian Party doesn't have pledged convention delegates.

    It's not a party without some drama.

  • BruceMajor||

  • sarcasmic||

    Pessimists of America just cancelled their annual convention because they didn't think anyone would show up.

  • BruceMajor||

  • BarryD||

    Is there lots of liquor? Maybe I should head to Vegas...

  • BruceMajor||

    It's a casino and resort and spa hotel. What do you think?

  • ||

    Hi sloopy & banjos!

  • shrike||

    Did each of the delegates pass the LP Purity Test? It is a bitch.

    1,042 is a suspect number.

  • AlmightyJB||

    Nobody passes the LP Purity test. Nobody.

  • ||

    He means "1.042"; using commas instead of decimals is one of those weird furriner conventions.

  • shrike||

    Look, I failed the LP Purity Test with only 87%.

    I actually supported an EPA reg that prevented dumping sulfuric acid into an aquifer used by millions.

    Big demerit!

  • ||

    Ah, the problem is that you didn't support privatizing the aquifer immediately then! Commie.

    I'm sympathetic to the view that certain regulations can mimic the effects of private ownership while transitions to such are made (ie, what private water-supplying company would put acid in their product?), but it seems like a rare occurrence that the regulations are made to such specifications and manage to be transitional mechanisms only.

  • mike c.||

    The problem with pollution in ground water is that GW flows much like a river does. If you dump your PCE (dry cleaning fluid) on your property over a large aquifer it can spread for miles and get in a public or private well.

  • sloopyinca||

    Was that before or after you stopped voting for libertarian candidates so you could vote against GOP candidates by voting a straight Team Blue ticket (every year for well over a decade)?

    I'll repeat what was said over and over this past weekend: go and fuck yourself, you waste of skin.

  • Tonio||

    Why do you still feed it?

  • sloopyinca||

    Because I never, ever learn my lesson when it comes to interacting with trolls and assholes.

  • Brandon||

    Aren't you in Vegas? Why are you sober enough to see the keyboard?

  • BruceMajor||

    Why didn't you do the public spirited thing and drink it?

  • T||

    Somebody must be sure and live tweet the event for those of us that are doing more important things.

  • Rasilio||

    You mean like rearrainging our sock drawers?

  • T||

    My dog needs a haircut.

  • sloopyinca||

    Then don't go to Canada.

  • Suki||

    Via CSPAN:
    Friday 9PM ET, Libertarian Debate Live

  • Suki||

    Saturday all afternoon are speeches and votes.

  • BruceMajor||

    I will be. And congratulations on not being underemployed.


  • Rich||

    I hope Bill Still gets the nod.

  • Thane Eichenauer||

    Why? What does he have that Lee Wrights or Gary Johnson doesn't?

  • shrike||

    Question for Episiarch - since you hate all politicians don't you hate the LP candidates too?

  • Rasilio||

    Have you seen the "candidates" for the LP? Calling them "politicians" is rather generous (Bob Barr obviously excepted)

  • o3||

    typical libtarians gamboling GSA-style while trillions are that alaska cruise thingy to palinville

  • BruceMajor||


  • BruceMajor||

    Yes. Michelle Obama is here.

  • sloopyinca||

    Hello reasoniods, from...California. An update for those of you that give a shit: we haven't left for Vegas yet, but will be embarking on Friday morning.

    If there are any off the wall requests, please e-mail me or leave it in the comments. We're open to suggestion when it comes to who we will vote for. And IIRC, we'll get our chance to be on C-SPAN as well, which will be...neat?

    Anyway, we're planning on a pretty fun weekend filled with (me) boozing it up and Banjos driving me around. Hopefully a Vegas show as well.*

    If anybody else is going, please let us know so we can get together.

    *Penn & Terrer, unless someone else has a suggestion for anything worthwhile in Sin City.

  • sloopyinca||

    Terrer=Teller. Stupid Asian autocorrect.

  • ||


    Definitely Penn & Teller. I wish I had seen them when I went to Vegas.

  • Pro Libertate||

    They tour occasionally. Saw them in Florida not very long ago.

  • Rich||

    Will you vote for Bill Still if I retract my suggestion to name your baby 1040EZ?

    In any event, travel safely & have a great time!

  • Thane Eichenauer||

    Everybody should name their kid Moxie Crimefighter.

  • Tonio||

    Have fun. Blog often.

  • Rasilio||

    We want pics posted from the Secret Service mission to columbia themed after party

  • anon||

    Was just in Vegas last week. Fucking hell.

    P&T definitely.

    Also thought Fantasy was pretty good.

    If you get a chance to go to a strip club, go to the Spearmint Rhino. If you get the free limo from your hotel you get free admission too ($33 otherwise). Also, cabs will take you there for free.

    Best. Strip-club. Ever.

  • Brandon||

    Stop by the Pawn Stars shop, and let me know how their selection of monocles is.

  • sloopyinca||

    True story: we went there when we were in Vegas getting married. There was a line at least 50 people deep just to walk around the place. We went in without waiting and sold some silver. They probably beat us out of $1 an oz., but it was worth it just to not have to shop around.

    The store looked pretty cool, a lot of good memorabilia and some high quality jewelry, but not worth the wait.

  • NSFW||

    That alt-text is simply mean... no need to kick a man when he's already down.

    Now i know how Mets fans constantly feel... thank God the Sox arnt as bad as the Mets...

  • anon||

    Maybe not as bad, but nowhere near as obnoxious.

  • KDN||

    Now i know how Mets fans constantly feel

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer fanbase. I hope the Celtics get swept by the Lakers to complete Boston's miserable 2012.

  • Brandon||

    They have to get past Atlanta first.

  • oldtimer||

    Most essential practical qualifcations to be a delegate at an LP convention, if past history is any indicator:
    (1) ability to afford trip to convention site, and
    (2) willingness to spend the time and money to make the trip.

    I recall that they insist each state delegation chair must be from that state but that's about it.

  • Romulus Augustus||

    Yeah, in past years I've been invited to fill out delegations in states I've never even visited. Perhaps all members should get one vote and, if not going to the convention, give your proxy to someone.

  • Brandon||

    Really, is there any chance it's not going to be Johnson and Gray?

  • Adamson||

    Since Romney's going to be the nominee, some party has to nominate a real Republican - so it might as well be the LP.

  • ChrisO||

    Wow, that's way the hell off the Strip. They should have booked the Hooters casino.

  • BruceMajor||

    It is a $70 taxi ride after 8 pm when the Red Rock Resort shuttle stops

  • TingoZing||

    OK wow these guys really know what the deal is. Wow.


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