Investor Don Smith on the Economy

At FreedomFest in July, Reason's Nick Gillespie talked with investor (and Reason Foundation donor) Don Smith about the economy and his outlook for the market. Smith expects the U.S. will continue putting off a meaningful resolution to its debt problem, but he's thrilled the issue is finally getting attention. Despite recent market woes, Smith is bullish on stocks: With money-market funds paying almost nothing, he says, where else are people going to put their money?

Shot and edited by Jim Epstein. About 4.30 minutes.

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    With money-market funds paying almost nothing

    What's he talking about? My money market accounts pay...AIIIGHHHHHHHHHH

  • Tim||

    What kind of "fest" features guys in suits?

  • Pip||

  • ||

    Seriously, gang, head over to Drudge and check out the picture of Biden he's running. Hilarious.

  • hazeeran||

    Hope he didn't go with white socks.

  • T||

    With money-market funds paying almost nothing, he says, where else are people going to put their money?

    Durable manufactured goods might not be a bad idea. I'm going with guns, myself.

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    Commercial REITS. Inflation proof.

  • anon||

    investing heavily in hollow points myself.

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    You're talking essentials dude, we were talking investments.

  • دلعني||

    Good Video

  • Blue sky||

    Government debt ratio and the deficit is not optimistic, not short-term can be reversed. . In addition, the video content I like.

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