Watch Re-broadcasts of Stossel's Declaration of Independents-Themed Show Tonight and Sunday Night on FBN and Fox News!

On Thursday, June 23, Fox Business Network's terrific Stossel program was dedicated to themes explored in the Nick Gillespie/Matt Welch book The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America. Featuring interviews with the authors, plus Kurt Loder, Grant McCracken, Kennedy, and Andrew Breitbart, this hour-long program covered politics–and anti-politics–in a way rarely seen on cable television. Better yet: It's being re-run five times this weekend. The schedule:

* Saturday, June 25: 9 PM and 12 midnight, Fox Business Network (FBN)
* Sunday, June 26: 9 PM on both FBN and Fox News, 12 midnight again on Fox News

Turn on, tune in, and dowatchalike!

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Is Matt Welch related to First Lady Laura Bush? Shoot, I should have asked that on Ask a Libertarian Day.

    Also, is Nick Gillespie related to Sparta, Mississippi, Chief of Police? The Rod Steiger version, not the Carroll O'Connor version.

  • Matt Welch||

    Sadly, no Welch-Welch connection.

  • rather||

    You really presented the best. Just correct your posture, it gives authority to your words.
    Fonzie looked like Fonzie

  • Flex Nasty B.I.G.||

    I haven't had cable since, like, 1993. If it's not on the Interwebs, it doesn't exist.

  • [John]ny [Long]torso||

    What did y'all think of my book review on

  • The Ghost of Bea Arthur||

    I, for one, loved it!

  • [John]ny [Long]torso||

    Then rate it for me. I have one 'useful' vote out of about 20.

  • ||

    You can't say you don't deserve it...

  • np||

    I watched this program on Declaration of Independents, and from what I gathered from it, is these people want the freedom to be as liberal and disgusting as they want, under the guise of being free from government and regulations...they say they do not want government to tell them what to do, but it seems to me they want to dictate what others do and think through ridicule and a dismissive attitude towards Christian morals...Freedom certainly does not legitimize immorality or you will have 'freedom gone amok,' which is just as bad as progressive liberalism coupled with socialism, Marxism, and communism, 'if not worse!' The Tea Party is not of this persuasion as much as they would like people to think so...The Tea Party, if you want to name it, is just everyday middle America who value God, Country, and The Constitution who simply want a smaller less intrusive government, and certainly do not want it replaced with anything goes...we are a nation of laws, and with good reason!

    Remember bitches, it's freedom to do what we ought to do, not what we want to do!

  • [John]ny [Long]torso||

    and with good reason


  • Team Blue||

    Laws based in morality suck... but we need lots of laws anyway. Mostly to put the boot to the nether regions of the private sector, while we squeeeeeze them for the tax money we desperately need to bribe gullible poor people into the voting booths every two years.

  • ||

    Damn right they do... but at least they're not Christ-fags.

  • Tony||

    fap fap fap

  • Chad||


  • Ronnie||

    I just watched the show, and thought it was a great show. I wish to be as articulate as Welch, and as cool as Gillespie.

  • np||

    lol, even the other two guest sure as hell were impressed with Welch's informative historical lesson and analysis of the Velvet Revolution.

    Speaking of which, I've been looking into the Czech Republic recently and that country actually seems to be closer to libertopia (in all respects, even economically, in contrast with the rest of the EU) than most other countries I've looked at so far..

  • The Immaculate Trouser||

    I came away with that same impression. It's worth noting that it's also a good deal wealthier and more developed than any of the other post-USSR breakaway republics. Estonia is a good second choice. I really enjoyed my time in Poland, and the people are wonderful, but it's really more like Europe's Mexico right now than anything else (though it has better laws and is improving as a result).

  • [John]ny [Long]torso||

    Featuring interviews with the authors, plus Kurt Loder, Grant McCracken

    Release the McCracken!

  • The Other Kevin||

    Is he related to Phil?

  • ||

    Hey "Declaration" is #15 on the Amazon Bestselling Politics list, right behind Road to Serfdom. And only a few behind Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter. *barf*

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    If Beck and Coutler were to couple, their offspring would rule us all.

  • Dave||

    Yes but that would require the male to have live sperm and the female to have a living womb.

  • ||

    Neither are necessary thanks to modern Science™©®

  • ||

    they say they do not want government to tell them what to do, but it seems to me they want to dictate what others do and think

    Sometimes you open the door of the cage, but the bird won't fly away.

  • Brett||

    They played a Geraldo At Large spceical about that murder trial that's been branded "Murder of the century."

  • ||

    How do you kill a century?

  • Lenin and Stalin||

    About that...

  • ||



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