College Students: Register Now for the College Freedom Network's 2011 Conference, July 14-16

If you're a college student interested in free speech, consider coming to this. I"ll be talking about themes in Matt Welch and my forthcoming book, The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America. Maximizing free expression is right there at the top of the list. And I can tell you that Bob Corn-Revere, who recently spoke at Reason's annual donor event, is not only a brilliant First Amendment lawyer - he puts on a helluva show, too!

Save the Date: 2011 Campus Freedom Network Conference, July 14-16

FIRE is proud to announce that the 2011 Campus Freedom Network Conference will be held July 14-16 on the campus of Bryn Mawr College, just outside of Philadelphia. The CFN Conference brings together committed students from across the country to learn from eminent First Amendment scholars and meet fellow advocates for free speech on campus.

The conference will begin with dinner on Thursday evening, followed by a day and a half of lectures, panels, and break-out sessions. Attendees will hear from distinguished keynote speakers, a panel of students involved in previous FIRE cases, and FIRE staff about the philosophical and legal arguments for First Amendment rights on campus and how they can improve the culture of free speech at their schools.

The Thursday night keynote speaker will be Nick Gillespie, editor in chief of and, which... features the staff blog Hit & Run, named by Washingtonian, Playboy, and others as one of the best political blogs.

Friday night's keynote speaker is Robert Corn-Revere, a partner at the law firm of Davis Wright Tremaine in Washington, D.C., and a First Amendment expert with extensive experience in communications, media, and information technology law. Corn-Revere is the lead attorney for former Valdosta State University student Hayden Barnes in Barnes v. Zaccari, a federal civil rights case currently before the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

We welcome all college students interested in defending free speech on campus to apply to attend the conference. The conference is FREE, and FIRE will also provide up to $300 to reimburse expenses for attendees to travel to Bryn Mawr. Space is limited, so you should register soon!

Apply today at

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    Kinda crazy when you think about it dude. Wow.

  • Vermont Gun Owner||

    As a college student for a couple more days, I have to critique your marketing. Not once did I see a reference to alcohol. You're also missing out on the grad school crowd because you didn't mention free food at all.

  • Jingles||

    Why, oh why, do these things HAVE to be on the east coast?

    The $300 would help with airfare from and to Portland, but that'd still leave me with almost $200 for that, plus accommodations. Poor college student is poor.

  • Scottsdale Dentist||

    200 bucks...hmm, can't you earn that by like...selling your poor college student body or something? Odd jobs...mowing lawns...whatever, yes?

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    (480) 585-6225
    8535 E Hartford Dr, Suite 208
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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