Tim Cavanaugh Talks California Denial: KOGO 600 AM Tonight: 7:33 (Pacific)

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh will talk about California's budget catastrophe, the gap separating voters from the destination media, and the fearful sphere of Tim Rutten, with the San Diego Union Tribune's Chris Reed tonight on San Diego's KOGO 600 AM.

Topic: The Golden State is broke; the party with monopoly control of the government can't come close to balancing the budget; the state's most dedicated rent seekers understand that this is the last smash and grab they're going to get before bankruptcy; the people want to cut spending and they don't want any new taxes; every day brings a new revelation or three about government employees soaking taxpayers for extravagant benefits. Yet in mainstream media strongholds, and especially in the map room of an embattled bunker on Spring Street in Los Angeles, pundits continue to say we can tax our way back to prosperity. 

Cavanaugh and Reed will discuss how to break the news of the Downfall to our Leader. 

Time: Tonight, 7:33pm Pacific, 10:33pm Eastern

Place: San Diegans (Diegites? Diegulans?) can tune their ham radios to 600 on the AM dial.

Others can listen live on the cybernetic interwebs.

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  • Irresponsible Hater||

    Why isn't there more Cavanautastic crossover with KFI/John & Ken?

    Those guys go righteously apeshit over the same LAT op-eds as you, for all the right reasons.

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    Excellent alt-text.

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    It's petit not petite. He's a guy.

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  • Spur||

    San Diegans works

  • Contemplationist||

    Is it me or does this dude resemble an older and fatter Krugman?


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