Reason in the Ether: Tim Cavanaugh Talks with the Libertarian Dime

Has Scott Walker learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger's troubles?

Why is it a sin when prices come down?

How did James Franco feel about Prop 19?

Why is selling cars in America as challenging as selling wine in Saudi Arabia?

Why are states broke when government employees work for no taxpayer money at all?

Reason senior editor Tim Cavanaugh chats with the Libertarian Dime web radio show.

Listen here.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    "Tim Cavanaugh, P.I., checking out the gams on that dame at the other end of the beach."

  • fish||

    Book em Dano!

  • ||

    That picture is beyond awesome.

  • ¢||


    I thought this post was a transcript of an interview with a libertarian dime. Because dimes are tight-lipped. And so the questions were self-contained "What would you ask a libertarian dime?" jokes. Because they look like jokes.

    Now I'm sad.

    B) "You see this tie, little drowning girl? It's my OFF-DUTY tie. I'll be looking away from you now."

  • T||

    All kidding aside, Tim needs a better publicity shot. Surely there's a free-market solution for that besides the Santa Monica beach franchise of Glamour Shots

  • ||

    I disagree. That shot is what publicity shots want to be when they grow up and win the lottery.

  • johnl||

    No. Photo is 120% awesome.

  • guy1138||

    Typical Libertarian show: Great content, horrible production values.

    The phone audio and in-studio levels need to be more balanced. This is basic radio stuff.

  • ||

    I have to agree, quite hard to listen to; terrible music, lots of lip smacking, almost everyone sounds like he's calling in from a U-boat during a Royal Navy depth charge attack, etc.

  • Alan Vanneman||

    Is Tim trying to pick up Yasmine Bleeth? Forget her, Tim! It's over! It's O-V-E-R!

  • ||

    Better off with out her.....just stare at at that arrest'll feel better!


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