Reason Writers on the Tube: Katherine Mangu-Ward Talks Budget Cuts at Freedom Watch

Reason Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward appeared on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano to discuss competing budget proposals from Republicans Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, and John Boehner as well as what, if anything, will be done to reform Social Security. Airdate: February 11, 2011.

Approximately 7 minutes.

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  • MNG||

    Obama can add to his long list of disappointments to me his seeming inability to try to offer a liberal vision of smaller government. Why not offer a budget with big cuts in defense, big cuts in corporate subsidies, means testing, albeit at a very high level, of certain entitlements? It's a sad thing to see liberalism become defined merely as spending more than than the other guys on everything...It's worse than the liberal pols failure to enact meaningful reform in areas like foriegn policy and the war on drugs.

  • Sovereign Immunity||

    Obama can add to his long list of disappointments to me his seeming inability to try to offer a liberal vision of smaller government.

    He cannot offer what doesn't exist.

  • cynical||

    "Obama can add to his long list of disappointments to me his seeming inability to try to offer a liberal vision of smaller government."

    Weird. It's almost like he prefers policies that give the government elite more power over people's lives and the product of their labor, rather than less.

    I get the feeling that the ongoing political reorientation is killing liberalism as a distinct view; we're going to end up being divided between Progressives (whose liberal tendencies will be muted in favor of their quest to fix other people), and a less socially conservative Libertarianism. But maybe not, old habits die hard.

  • MNG||

    Don't like high frutcose corn syrup in everything? Cut corn subsidies.

    Don't want programs that help the needy to go bankrupt? Means test them.

    Don't want to see us embroiled in foriegn adventurism? Cut the defense budget.

    Don't want to see so much draconian, disparate criminal justice action? Cut the Department of Justice budget.

    Liberals need to realize that there are many traditionally liberal goals than can be furthered in small government times.

    Jesus this makes me angry...

  • Sovereign Immunity||

    You forgot to eliminate the Dept. of Education, Energy, TSA and the EPA.

    You need more alphabet in your soup.

  • ||

    This would be more effective using the British spelling.

  • MNG||

    Wow, this guy is like a reverse Underzog with logorrhea...

  • ||

    Oh great. Hump-Bot has become sentient. How the hell do ya turn this thing off?
    *grabs a lasso*

  • ||

    Huh. Its comment has been duh-leet-ted!

  • ||

    Please describe deleted content.

  • ||

    Why? They don't delete THE COMMANDER'S comments, after all.

  • ||

    Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Sovereign Immunity||

    Mr. Pro Lib, ask it if it has the same programmer as Sark and the MCP.

  • ||



    Do you have the same programmer as Sark and the MCP?

  • Sovereign Immunity||

    "Comb the desert"

    (combs the desert)

    "Do you think we're being too literal?"

  • ola||

    how come there is no video link?

  • 9/11 Was An Inside Job!||

    Judge Nappy is a truther!

    Thank you, Reason, for promoting Judge Nappy and his 9/11 trutherism!

  • Vermont Gun Owner||

    Wow, that Dem "strategist" at the end sure made a good point: "You're in the minority!" Yeah, since other people are willing to put their money into this bankrupt 'retirement plan' we all should be forced to.


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