This Is Why You Read the Fine Print: Indy School Board Approves "Superintendent Emeritus"

The Westside Indianapolis Wayne Township School District got a $1 million surprise when superintendent Terry Thompson retired at the end of 2010, activating the retirement package he'd renegotiated in 2007. From the Indianapolis Star: 

Thompson, 64, who retired in December after 15 years with the district, already has received more than $800,000 of his retirement deal, which included a year's base pay at more than $225,000, as well as contract provisions that kicked in hundreds of thousands more.

But that's not all.

The contract also created the position of superintendent emeritus -- a position that has been paying Thompson $1,352 a day since his retirement to advise his successor, among other duties. That amount, over the 150 days laid out in the contract, would pay him more than $200,000 -- bringing the total to more than $1 million.

The school district attorney that reviewed the contract, Jon Bailey, had this to say: 

"In hindsight, I wish I had done more to inform the board," Bailey said, adding that at the time, he thought the board was aware of what they were signing.

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  • ||

    I love money!

  • Brett L||

    So the superintendant and the school districts attorney knew what was in the contract? I think the board will experience some turnover in the next election. They've got no one to blame but themselves.

  • db||

    They had to sign the contract to find out what was in it.

  • Dello||

    Will we ever reach a day when this is seen as a quant relic of the past?

    Naw, I don't think so either.

  • Hugh Akston||

    "In hindsight, I wish I had done more to inform the board," Bailey said

    Dear Board, you are a bunch of fucking morons.

  • Amakudari||

    "But not as much as I wish I'd brought my own contract before the board."

  • Tim||


  • rather||

    ...and he didn't inform the board because he has a similar deal?

  • rather||

    I ♥ crack. Please read my blog so I can buy more.

  • Rather||

    Thank you for whoring my blog
    Love Rather

  • ||

    Oh anonypussy, why can't I quit you?

  • Rather||

    anonypussy, stay away from my man Epi....OTOH, you may teach him something useful-have fun ;-)

  • Jerry||

    Now we just wait until the school board pays another $1 million in lawyer fees in order to get the first million back.

  • ||

    Not a chance.

    They are busy building themselves nice little retirement packages using this one as a model and precedent.

  • Wind Rider||

    So, they've got a bunch of dolts with poor math AND reading skills running the circus, and wonder why their schools are crap. I give up, totally escapes me too.

  • Wind Rider||

    It's not like they broke out in a fight during the meeting where they approved this, or anything.

  • Amakudari||

    "Sit down because you are out of order!"
    "You don't tell me what to do!"
    "While it is true that a spirited debate took place during the meeting in question, Mr. Belcher vehemently denies engaging in any activity that would warrant the filing of a criminal complaint against him."

    Pure poetry.

  • Old Mexican||

    "In hindsight, I wish I had done more to inform the board," [Attorney Jon] Bailey said, adding that at the time, he thought the board was aware of what they were signing.

    "Note to myself: When dealing with tax-fed leeches, also known as bureaucrats, assume they are all terminally stupid."

  • DJF||

    “””assume they are all terminally stupid."“’

    But not so stupid that they forget to pay themselves

  • ||

    I wish I had done more to inform the board

    "I probably should have done my job, but- what the fuck, it's taxpayer money, so it's not like it's a big deal or anything."

  • Brett L||

    Apparently in public practice, presenting your principles with the actual text of the contract and answering any questions they might have is negligent.

  • Vermont Gun Owner||

    Well, when you are dealing with people this stupid, then yes.

  • ||

    Can a school district sue itself for failure to perform its fiduciary duty?

  • Chupacabra||

    More handouts for the rich! OMGZ!!!!

    Oh wait, it's not a corporate CEO....never mind. It's all good.


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