Looking for a Few Good Flakes

There's a new online magazine/foundation/book thingie called The Good Men Project, which aims to be a new type of men's publication with the nonprofitty goal of helping at-risk youth, and they have just come out with a list of their Top 10 Good Politicians (stop snickering!). I contributed to their selection and description of Number 6 (coincidence??), Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.):

"Jeff Flake is that rare creature in Washington," said Matt Welch, editor of Reason. "He's someone who elevates principle over party, choice over control, and good governance over doling out goodies to his constituents." [...]

"When today's Tea Party bandwagon was busy supporting every Republican power grab in Washington," Welch said, "Flake was admitting as early as 2006 that there's 'nothing we've done as Republicans that ought to make libertarians excited about our record.' He's a serious man in an unserious town."

Yeah I know, that second graf doesn't make much sense, time-space continuum-wise. Sue me! The GMP goes on to interview El Flake-o. Excerpt from that:

If you were making a list of politicians you respect for both their integrity and their dedication to the ideas they believe in, what man—from a party other than your own—would you be sure to put on the list? And why?

Ron Kind (D-Wisconsin). Over the years, I've watched Ron stand up to both his party and his constituents—his party when he has sponsored or voted for ethics measures that his leadership hasn't been fond of, and his constituents when they pine after farm subsidies that Ron does not believe in providing.

Other pols of note on the list -- Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, Al Franken, and Bernie Sanders.

From the Reason archives: The GOP purging of Jeff Flake, Flake's 2008 list of three particularly bad laws, Flake vs. Ron Paul on earmarks, and two Reason.tv videos: How the GOP can get it's groove back (from December 2008), and why the Cuban embargo is wrong:

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  • Old Mexican||

    and they have just come out with a list of their Top 10 Good Politicians (stop snickering!).

    Yeah, I almost spit my coffee against my computer monitor... sheesh!

  • Spiny Norman||

    I wondered how they could come up with ten. Then I saw who they came up with.

  • prolefeed||

    Yeah, like Al Franken. WTF?

  • Mike Laursen||

    Al Franken?! Was he even a good comedian?

  • ||

    Mowing the grass this weekend I was thinking that Al Franken is a Senator and Elena Kagan is a Supreme Court Justice. It's like children play-acting.

  • ||

    We need "Survivor D.C". Dump congress on a jungle island with only one barrel of pork. See who survives.

  • Ska||

    Will there be punji sticks on the island?

  • ||

    Claymore mines, preferably. And Predators. And Aliens. And Freddy Kruger.

  • Warty||

    And Steve Smith, don't forget. Don't ever forget about Steve Smith.

  • ||

    No one can forget about STEVE(N) SMITH. He rapes your dreams.

  • ||

    There's your yacht name, Epi...


  • ||

    If you get raped in your dreams by Steve Smith, does your butt hurt when you wake up?

  • ||

    Your mind's butt hurts, heller. Are you just a complete ignoramus on human anatomy? Sheesh.

  • ||

    You have given me a gift beyond compare, and I thank you. I will name my internet money yacht "THE DREAM RAPER".

  • Bad 70's Music||

    Oooh ooh Dream Raper...
    I believe we can make it through the ni-ight,

    Ooh ooh Dream Raper...
    I believe we can touch the morning li-ight!

  • The Gobbler||

    Per Enough About Palin's Post...

    Enough About Palin|10.12.10 @ 3:46PM|#
    Thread Jack, but I just saw this Fisher Price STEVE SMITH robot at Target


  • Warty||

    Anyone who grew up in southern Ohio remembers the commercials for Tom Raper RV. "Save today, Tom Raper's way!"

  • Jason||

    This is a reality show I might get watch.

  • Jerry||

    Only a masochist would want to watch Barney Frank in a speedo and Pelosi in a thong chasing boar.

  • Spiny Norman||

    You don't want to see Chuck Schumer go commando?

  • Jeff Flake||

    I wouldn't fuck Nancy Pelosi with Barney Frank's dick and blame it on Shumer.

  • ||

    I'd like to see Arnold go Commando on Chuck.

    "You're a funny guy, Chuckles. That's why I'm going to kill you last. Oops, I lied."

  • Spiny Norman||

    I think that would make up for everything Arnold did or failed to do as governor.

  • ||

    I know. God, Flake is a dreamboat. I'd fly all the way to the island to rub suntan oil over his muscular chest.

  • ||

    Lindsey Graham, Mark Foley, Roger Stone, Larry Craig, Nick Gillespie and Bill Paxon also have Flake on their "Good Men" list.

  • ||

    ," joked the douchebag.

  • ||

    Top 10 Good Politicians

    Isn't "still living" an automatic disqualification?

  • Ayn_Randian||

    "Flake was admitting as early as 2006 that there's 'nothing we've done as Republicans that ought to make libertarians excited about our record.'

    That includes TARP, Rep. Flake.

  • ||

    Flake voted against all the TARP stuff.

  • lunchstealer||

    So is that "Number 6" as in "Be seeing you" or as in "We'll come a-ridin' into town, a-whoopin' and a-whompin'"?

  • Nat'l Organization of Whores||

    We'd fuck him!

  • Pierre||

    ha! lol. those trifling cunts. i like how you linked to their website in your name.

  • Anonymous||

    Al Franken? Really?

  • ||

    Really? (I didn't RTFA) The man whose election in 2008 convinced me after 35 years of dutiful voting, to fucking never vote again? Really? I mean really? Al Franken? Al Franken???

  • CrackertyAssCracker||

    I think I agree with Ron Paul on the earmarking thing (but I understand the sentiment against his POV).

    Thats the legislatures job, to spend the money. It should all be earmarked. When it's not earmarked it's just cedeing more power to executive branch that it doesn't need.

    If something cost too much, vote against it. But if money is going to be spent, the more specific the instructions, the better.

  • ||

    As a reformed hawk, I would prefer national defense be defense. I think Carl Levin's opposition to anti-missile systems makes him far less than perfect on defense. That and the hearing where he faked an attack on his banker buddies.

  • ||

    I consider Flake to be a BAD politician, which is why he is so GOOD.

  • Ryanxxx||

    Seriously, no mention of Ron Paul in this post? A man who always votes with the constitution, consistently speaks truth to power, and returns his salary to the treasury every year?


  • zoltan||

    Never knew Flake was such a butterface! Fucking hot body but that old, wrinkly face needs a nice paper bag.

  • ||

    Is this Lobster Girl for the ladies?

  • zoltan||

    Too old. Lobster girl for the ladies is that really hot guy who was arrested with some other guy in New Hampshire or somewhere in New England. Remember that story?

  • ||

    Bernie Sanders, self-proclaimed socialist, "good politician."

    Good one.

  • The Ladies||

    Hell, yeah!

  • rawdawgbuffalo||

    These tea party folk remind me alot of folks who followed hitler. You Think America Wants A Hitler


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