I Think We Can Put This Koran Controversy Behind Us Now

I disapprove of theft but I do approve of Autotune. The story's details, if you simply must have them, are here.

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  • The Truth||

    When everyone is famous, no one will be.

  • Kristen||

    Someone needs to autotune Ed Tuliper

  • Phil||

    He's a thief. Cut off his hand!

  • Warty||

    Amarillo has hipsters, too? Fuck.

  • Jesse Walker||

    That's a stoner, not a hipster. His big ambition was to be mentioned in High Times.

  • Warty||

    Anyone with an ironic moustache, ironic glasses, and an ironic rattail is a hipster, no matter how much dope he smokes. Besides, there's no law saying one can't be both, is there?

  • Jesse Walker||

    What makes you so sure they're ironic?

  • Warty||

    The video doesn't show if he's wearing girl jeans. That would prove it one way or the other.

  • Tyler||

    Me thinks the dude is just white trash.

  • ||

    Everybody should have a dream.

  • ||

    If he wants to be in High Times he needs to be a scantily clad hot chick advertising for seed banks or virtual headshops.

  • ||

    And we have swingers here too. That's what put Repent Amarillo on the map -- they would go to this swingers or swappers club (I've live here 45 years and never knew until Repent Amarillo told everyone) and confront patrons, videotape cars and note license plates, call spouses, etc. Real assholes.

  • zoltan||

    Call spouses? Aren't swingers, you know, agreed on it? Those people sound horrible though (Repent people not the swingers).

  • Spiny Norman||

    Maybe they were calling other people's spouses.

  • ||

    Amarillo has hipsters, too?

    Yeah, but you've probably never heard of them.

  • ||


    The video is as ridiculous as this whole Koran burning "controversy."

    What kind of morons actually give a f&^% if somebody burns a book? It's just paper, you fricking nutjobs.

  • ||

    Sure. Paper...that kills!

  • Sudden||

    I wonder if Koran publishers, who are presumably Muslim themselves, condone Koran burning as a means of increasing profits.

  • BoscoH||

    I think I smell a fatwa drifting in your direction, infidel.

  • reasonistreason||

    Hero. We need more people like him. If every single Koran got stolen, there'd be nothing to get upset about, right?

  • ||

    I still say the Bed Intruder Song is the pinnacle of the art form.

  • Spiny Norman||

    Personally, I prefer the Double Rainbow Song. It's more intense.

  • Abdul||

    What kind of idiotic religious bigot doesn't have a back-up Koran?

  • ||

    Seriously, the dude was all talk. Plus I'm not sure where any religion says you can't torch a faux-hippie along with the Koran.

  • Greer||

    The anchorwomen sounded like Neil Young on Trans

  • ||

    I guess posting this clip is now mandatory.


    I am ashamed that jayZ made a song about the death of autotune and I didn't know about it. I prayed for the death of autotune here in an earlier thread...


  • ||

    Brilliant! I missed this thread. Thanks for the re-post. Ah, a good laugh is what I needed right about now.

    PS. I too pray for the death of Autotune:-)

  • cynical||

    Oh, I probably should have posted a link back then, that's what I was thinking of.

  • ||

    That's some serious Autotune:-)


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