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A few months back I interviewed filmmaker Martin Borgs who, along with Cato Institute scholar Johan Norberg, had just released the documentary film Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis. Based loosely on Norberg’s terrific book Financial Fiasco, the film features interviews with lots of clever people, including Nobelist Vernon Smith, the prescient financial commentator Peter Schiff, and Atlantic blogger Megan McArdle. After doing the festival circuit, Overdose can now be viewed in its entirety (about 46 minutes) on Youtube:

Check out Reason.tv interviews with Norberg and Borg here and here.

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    Time to order more ammunition.

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    The housing bubble only happened in states which had growth management regulations.

    The physical construction of a home takes less then a few days to build and the cost of materials and labor did not rise. Without growth management the rise in demand caused by free money made available by Fannie and Freddy was impossible to meet because the government limited the number of homes that could be built.

    In areas without growth management there was very little change in the cost of homes and it mostly tracked inflation.

    Without growth management there would have been no housing bubble.

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