Political Ad Watch: Celebrity Cameo Edition

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  • Jesse Walker||

    Does anyone know if there's a way to change the image that's showing when the clip isn't running? I hate to give away the gag in a one-gag ad...

  • Argosy Jones||


    This looks like the ticket, but it may not offer you an apppropriate frame.

  • Jesse Walker||

    Thanks, but I think that only works if you uploaded the video yourself.

  • hmm||

    download, edit, re-upload, have coffee and bath in the glory of your genius

  • ||

    That sort of defeats the purpose of YouTube.

  • -||

    YouTube does this to prevent uploaders from displaying custom frames for strategic advertising (and other more nefarious) purposes in the video stills (but there are ways around it if you know how). Which is awfully petty, considering it's the uploaders (and narcissism and, of course, those adorable kittens) which made YouTube. Anyway, the only way around it would be to link a related photo still to the video's url. Hardly an elegant workaround.

  • hmm||

    1) Put out an add for an IT/social media position. You can have HR write up a general idea of duties and responsibilities.

    2) You interview people that respond the the add that meet the qualifications and criteria set forth prior (prior is important) to the interview.

    3) You hire the person that you think best fills the position and matches the company culture.

    4) You ask your new employee, "How do you change the image that's showing when the clip isn't running?"

  • hmm||

    or this

  • Death Panelist||

    WITCH! He's a witch!

    Or a hax0r maybe, I don't know.

  • Jeff P||

    I hope that's a bad green screen effect and not a mullet.

  • hmm||

    Pony tail thingy

  • hmm||

    You think an LP candidate can afford a green screen effect?

    *oh god coffee out the nose*

  • ||

    A very ugly and unkempt one at that. That guy needs to learn how to braid and get himself a boar bristle brush. It's hard enough to sell yourself as a serious professional male who has long hair as it is, there is no room for ugly hair.

  • Astrid||

    I think he needs a wide toothed comb first, a boar bristle brush alone would probably just make it worse.

  • ||

    Good point. I prefer the Horn ones from Heavenly Harvest

  • Mike||

    Looks like he's been licking wall sockets.

  • hmm||

    What's wrong with licking wall sockets?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    It's hard enough to sell yourself as a serious professional male ...

    I'm sorry, I thought he was a Libertarian candidate for Congress. Anyway, check out the related videos if you want to see just how unmarketable he is outside of the 420 wing of the libertarian movement.

  • ||

    Sorry, I was projecting. Never sell out of pocket!

  • Atanarjuat||

    Not a bad sense of humor though, on the one where he's running for mayor he said, "I did not kiss the baby...I didn't want to give the baby herpes."

  • ||

    LOL that dude jsut totally cracks me up.


  • ||

    Someone on the Wiki wrote a claim that a look-a-like was used.

  • l0b0t||

    I have just excised the claim about the look-a-like, the cited reference (www.lp.org) makes no mention of the ad let alone whether it was Lesko or a look-a-like

  • ||

    There is only the Lesko.

    There can be only one.

  • Random Dude||

    I wonder if that dude regrets campaigning for Obama.

  • ||

    Given his business model, probably not.

  • DaveS||

    "We all know that Federal spending has been out of control the past 10 years" 10 years? Man it goes back much much farther than that.

  • ||

    Just when I think Libertarian Party candidates can't get any more ridiculous they pull something like this... and totally redeem themselves!

  • ||

    Why did Irvine even put on a collared shirt and tie if his hair is going to be that fucked up?


    Are people in congress all this lame?

    I guess so. they just have better haircuts. I wouldn't hire that kid to work in the mail room, much less run the government. This explains much to me about why our country is so screwed up. The idiots have been running the show for decades now.

    I'm so glad I've never worked in Washington. I really do pity the people who think its respectable.

  • Some dude||

    Nice bun

  • TallDave||

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing Jesse.


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