The Only American Male With Less Athletic Skill Than I Have Shows He Can Catch a Ball

If you ever get that feeling that you have already died and everything around you is some bizarre virtual afterlife designed to make you figure out that you're no longer on Earth, well, this video will clinch it for you:

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  • iowahawk||

    Light up a victory Kool, Ochocinco!

  • gaijin||

    I wonder what would have happened if Troy Paloamulu would have been playing tighter coverage?

  • Rich||

    Help kids in your community be more active and healthy."

    Get off my lawn!

  • hmm||

    Should have had a kid in a wheel chair in it.


  • anon||

    Too bad Ryan Clark wasn't on the coverage.

  • ||

    Without checking your link, let me guess: the video is of his viciously dirty hit on the Patriot's Wes Welker in a game from late last season.

  • ||

    God I hope Cassel doesn't leave one of his current receivers out to dry for Clark again this week. Poor Lance Long would die taking that dirty hit.

    Yeah, I'm a Chiefs fan. At least I get some satisfaction knowing that I have a better chance of seeing a libertarian elected to POTUS than seeing my team win a SB.

  • anon||

    How is that a dirty hit? Clark was timing his hit for when the ball would get to Welker. The ball was tipped, but Clarke had already committed himself. He also lead with his shoulder not with his helmet. Welker stopped playing. It's his own fault he got lit up. The NFL and even Welker himself admitted the hit was clean. Notice how Clark wasn't fined. His hit on McGahee in the playoffs on the other hand was dirty.

  • ||

    Point duly noted on Welker's thoughts and lack of fine.

    However, as I said to my wife and father as we watched the replays, the launching, with or without the shoulder leading, has just got to stop.

    IMHO, it takes a better tackler to bring down a ball carrier with feet firmly plainted, no launching, no undercutting, etc.

  • juris imprudent||

    Oh, so you're a rugby fan.

  • Library Desk Graffiti||


  • iowahawk||

    This could be an entire super slo-mo NFL/Obama PSA series. Next up:

    Obama gets his crunk on with Ray Lewis at the Club, caps punk in the ass from Escalade

    Obama smokes bongs at Todd Marinovich's trailer park

    Obama wins stack of Benjamins betting on dog fights in Michael Vick's back yard

  • Tim Cavanaugh||

    Obama hides Rae Carruth in the trunk of his car after they whack Christina Romer. This series could really get America's young people interested in volunteering.

  • iowahawk||

    Obama and perky multicultural kids reinact the NFL's greatest hits: Jack Tatum v. Darryl Stingley, Lawrence Taylor v. Joe Theismann, etc.

  • ??||


  • ||

    Fucking Obama!!! First he takes my half my paychecks, now he's stealing my Colston Fantasy points. Dude really crossed the line there.

  • ||

    "Alright kids! The president didn't catch the ball on that throw, so we're going to do it again. This should be the one!

    OK, POTUS catching ball, take 17...Drew, can you do it underhand?"

  • ||

    White kids were under-represented in that clip. The NFL must be racist.

  • ||

    And finish your vegetables!!

  • BakedPenguin||

    Yeah, he caught it, but coughed it right up again.

    Still he's better than half the guys on my FF team.

  • ¢||

    Next up:

    Obama gazes meaningfully at Jeff Garcia.

  • ||

    I was hoping for TO and BO do a workout in the White House garage...

    or Maybe a teary BO defense of Timmy Geithner.... "Thats my treasury secretary man"

  • ||

    Another handball from Thiery Henry

  • Marawana||

    That was the Hand of God!

  • ||

    Obama hides Rae Carruth in the trunk of his car after they whack Christina Romer.

    Geithner first, please.

  • Art-P.O.G.||

    I'm just glad the prez has time to play catch with the Drew Brees.

  • Kryton||

    Why. Are. Ridiculous. Adverts. Of. All. Kinds. Played. In. Super. Slow. Motion? Just... whyyyyyy????

  • Tim Cavanaugh||

    Because audiences have proven they will accept every variety of bullshit as long as it's served with a veneer of earnestness and realism.

    Meanwhile, any hint of camp or theatricality or playful artifice will be immediately rejected no matter how good it is, because it strikes people as "fake."

  • hmm||

    There must be something wrong with me. Obama catching a football thrown by an NFL player and then handing it off to a little girl on an an NFL players shoulders in super slow motion seems pretty fake to me.

    Now, if he had given it to a little crippled kid that suddenly got up out of his wheel chair and danced a jig I might buy it.

  • ||

    Danced a jig?


  • juris imprudent||

    Did we decide to drink every time RACIST is shouted?

    We should. We'd all be so fucking sloshed the meme would finally die.

  • Jimbo||

    "Because audiences have proven they will accept every variety of bullshit as long as it's served with a veneer of earnestness and realism."

    Is this Reason's secret? Supplemented with donations, of course. What fucking arrogant pricks you doctrinaire libertarians are!

  • Wicks Cherrycoke||

    Where's Ed Reed when you need him? And why is Drew Brees' back always to the camera?

  • iowahawk||

    "why is Drew Brees' back always to the camera?"

    To shield you from that mutant twin he has growing from his facial mole.

  • JB||


  • iowahawk||

    A warning to those Iraqi detainees taunting Wisconsin soldiers about the Packers:

    Seething Midwest Explodes Over Lombardi Cartoons

  • crazy like a fawkes||

    How many other cameras did Belichick have in place trying to film the defensive playcalling on this?

  • Art-P.O.G.||


  • John||

    BO came outta nowhere like a bad slow motion dream in that video.

    Nice to see he catches better than he throws though.

  • ||

    Interestingly, this President actually does make me feel like he's a wide receiver tossing the ball off to the opposing team.

  • JB||

    The NFL will make up racist statements and attribute them to Limbaugh while at the same time running commercials for Obama.

    Fuck every single person associated with the NFL in any fashion.

  • hmm||

    I was waiting for Hillary to blind side him as he caught the ball.


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