"You know how we all had to take our shoes off after Richard Reid?"

Over at Unqualified Offerings, Thoreau passes along this tidbit:

Via Bruce Schneier, I learn that a Saudi militant smuggled a bomb in his ass while trying to kill a prince.  Fortunately, nobody except the militant was injured.

You know how we all had to take our shoes off after Richard Reid?  Well, we all know what's coming next.

More here.

Reason on the Transportation Security Administration.

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  • Abdul||

    So now I have a legitimate excuse to moon the TSA?


  • ||

    dbcooper | September 28, 2009, 10:48am | #
    And please nobody alert the TSA to this attempted "ass-bomber":


    Now if only I could think of a catchy name. Maybe something about 24 hours in advance? ;-)

  • Tomcat1066||

    This is going to be a pain in the ass, isn't it?

  • ||

    We can completely eliminate the threat of terrorists using commercial airplanes as weapons of mass destruction.

    Bring back stagecoaches!

  • Xeones||

    My habit of eating a pound of hot wings an hour before boarding is about to pay off.

  • ||

    Just disposing of all of the latex gloves and lube required by the TSA personnel to inspect all of our anuses is a problem not without ecological implications. Producing all of the latex will of necessity increase the nation's carbon footprint, or should I say, carbon assprint.

    Speaking of assprints, perhaps the best solution would be inspired by decades of ass copying experience in offices throughout this great land of ours: a new Canon device which "deep scans" a naked buttocks which sits upon the glass platen (pre-warmed, and disinfected between scans). Of course, the TSA would guarantee that scanned images would be disposed of properly, and not shared behind closed doors with giggling TSA morons from other departments.

  • Spoonman||

    Looks like I'll be learning to fart on command.

    "It's my butt. Surely they prepare you for farts."

  • Kramer||

    Under no circumstances will there be any ... inserting ... in that area!

  • *||

    This story brought to us by Nick Gillespie, via Thoreau, via Bruce Schneier, via Scott Stewart, via...? Anybody know if it's actually true?

  • John Tagliaferro||


    Fan dang tastic! One of my phrases has finally come into common use. Watch out SugarFree!

    Back on topic. Looks like I better get on the stairstepper machine if anybody is going to be lookin' at my hindquarters.

  • ||

    We knew it was coming, TSA is full of asshats anyway, and have you heard about the "womb-a-bomb" yet?

  • ||

    No, no. You have that story wrong. He had a bong up his ass. People were injured when he was offended that no one else would take a hit.

  • Tony||

    You know how we all had to take our shoes off after Richard Reid? Well, we all know what's coming next.

    I like where this is headed!

  • kinnath||

    People smuggle can a kilo or more of drugs into the country by learning to swallow grape-sized pellets of drugs. Imagine the impact of a kilo or so of C4 in someon'es stomache and/or intestines. All you need is a reliable trigger mechanism.

  • ||

    It's true. Saw report on 9/28 CBS Evening News.
    Now we have to worry about Weapons of Ass Destruction.
    Gives WAD a bad name.

  • ||

    Ummmm...I think not...the first TSA worker that even tries this on me is gunna be in for a world of hurt..I don't even let a doctor near that orifice.....

  • JB||

    Gay marriage for everyone!

  • Brian Lockwood||

    We knew it was coming, TSA is full of asshats anyway, and have you heard about the "womb-a-bomb" yet?

    You mean a "snuke"?

  • ||

    It appears that our cavity searches on terrorist prisoners have given them ideas.

  • Michael||

    Wasn't there a story posted not too long ago about TSA agents taking various confiscated items home for their own personal use, or is that just my imagination's step-brother that we don't talk about anymore pounding against the bars of his cage that I keep him in down in the cellar of my brain?

  • Michael||

    "Hey, TSA dude. Pull my finger."

  • D-FENS||

    Why not just use those little wipes and the analyzer that they use on checked luggage? "Sir, the good news is that you don't have any explosives. On the other hand, you might want to get that prostate checked." < /sarchasm>

    @ Michael, that is likely true. I received a nice little collection of gourmet hot sauces (over the 3 oz limit) for Christmas one year from a LEO friend who is attached to TSA at a smaller airport. Though I benefit, I still think it's a stupid rule.

  • takeourshoes||

    Gay marriage for everyone!

    agree with idea ~~not bad

  • tobenicer||

    really,i have no idea before ~~


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