Matt Welch on KINF 1440 AM Santa Barbara at 6 PM PDT to Talk About the Forgotten Lessons of Defeating Communism

Show here; listen live at this link. Subject is the editor's note from the November issue, which only (some) subscribers have seen. Speaking of which, subscribe already!

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  • Chadwyck||

    Connection issues with that link, could not listen...

  • ||

    Ok - China is communist but they are kicking our ass at "Capitalism".

    But our Fed is kicking their ass in Forex.

    The world is a swirly mess of "isms" - that will insure the Fox News blowhard idiots job security for a long time.

  • Matt Welch||

    Oh well, it was 3 pm PDT, the subject was inflation, and I = FAIL.

  • Craig||

    Communism defeats itself. Deficit spending by those opposing it is unnecessary.

  • ||

    Shrike, "ensure" not "insure". Who would underwrite a policy against blow hard idiots losing their jobs? Think of what the premiums must be on that one.


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