Hail to the Islamic Ben Stein!

Islamic creationism is on the rise! 

The patron saint of this new movement, the ubiquitous "expert" cited and referenced by those eager to demonstrate the superiority of "Koranic science" over "the evolution lie", is the larger-than-life figure of Harun Yahya.

Operating from Istanbul, Yahya is the founder of the Science Research Foundation, an impressive publishing empire that boasts more than 60 websites dedicated to his writings. It provides documentary films and audio recordings in fifteen languages, including Turkish, English, Russian, Amharic and Arabic, and claims to sell more than half a million books a year, including the infamous 850-page, fully illustrated Atlas of Creation, which was sent free in two volumes to dozens of universities, libraries and prominent scientists (including Richard Dawkins) across the world. In painstaking detail, with a mass of photos, graphs and statistics interspersed with verses from the Koran, the Atlas purports to prove that Darwin was utterly mistaken, that each plant and animal was created intact, and that no modification through natural selection ever took place.

More here, in The New Humanist.

Hat tip: Alan Vanneman.

Ronald Bailey on Ben Stein's anti-evolution documentary Expelled here.

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  • ||

    Teach the controversy!

  • Naga Sadow||

    But do you get a chance to win his money? That's what inquiring minds want to know.

  • The Stones||

    Get Yer Yahya's Out!

  • BlueBook||

    Just so long as they don't start publishing offensive cartoons of Our Lord, The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • anon||

    isn't Atlas of Creation the textbook that shows a photo of a fishing lure, labels it as a real insect, and uses it to make an anti-evolution point?

  • not anon||

    Anon - yes, you are correct. Here is a link:


    You are very smart and intelligent and special.

  • anon||


  • Rich||

    But do you get a chance to win his money?

    "Nothing occurs, either in the earth or in yourselves,without its being in a Book before We make it happen. That is something easy for Allah." (Surat al-Hadid: 22)

    So, yes and no.

  • Naga Sadow||

    Dammit Rich! I need a straight answer! How else will I know what to study for?

    Speaking of which . . . what would the catagories even be?

  • affenkopf||

    Some categories:

    Antichrist -Freemasonry
    Romanticism: a Weapon of Satan
    Darwinist Dictatorship
    Darwinist Panic in France
    Global Freemasonry
    Beware of Darwinist Falsehoods

  • Rich||

    Dammit Rich! I need a straight answer!

    OK, then -- NO!

  • nonoh||

    How come he sounds like a monkey when he talks?

  • Xeones||

    How come he sounds like a monkey when he talks?


  • Guy Smiley||

    The "author" quoted in this post, certainly seem to have "mastered" scare-quotes, as a way to let us "know" what he "thinks" "the truth" really "is".

    (Hey, that IS fun!)

  • ||

    I have a sneaking suspicion that creationist belief in Islam is the rule rather than the exception, while the opposite is true for Christianity. I mean, people who think pictures of Mohammed are grounds for murder are still taken seriously in the Islamic world, so it's hard to believe they're ready to accept the idea that their scripture took some liberties describing the origins of life.

  • ||

    No way dude, I dont think so!


  • Warty||

    LOL you have to admit he maked a good point d00d!!!


  • Naga Sadow||

    Holy shit! Warty has turned into a bot!

  • Warty||

    How do we know we're not all bots, Naga? *insert long and boring meditation on meaning of consciousness here*

  • ||

    How do we know we're not all bots

    "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!"

  • Anomalous||

    How do you say "Bueller" in Arabic?

  • ||

    As a phlostigonist, I sympathize with the noble warriors that are fighting the lies of evolution.

    Biologists are wrong.
    Geologists are wrong.
    Astronomers are wrong.
    Geneticists are wrong.
    Paleontologists are wrong.
    Physicists are wrong.

    The bronze age goat herders that laid out the scieentific foundation for the Abrahamic religions, they got it right.

    You can not take creationists seriously. They are not even worth debating.

  • Naga Sadow||

    Good question, Warty. Well, we all know Episiarch is a bot. That's a start.

  • @||

    How do you say "Bueller" in Arabic?

    الله أكبر

  • Stormy Dragon||

    This is more of a creationism coming home story then anything, as the idea of God creating all species at one time in thier present and unchanging forms originated in amoung Islamic scholars as an attempt to meld the teachings of Plato and Aristotle. It was only later that it was introduced to Europe and became a part of Christian theology.

  • C.S. Lewis||

    I have a sneaking suspicion that creationist belief in Islam is the rule rather than the exception, while the opposite is true for Christianity.

    I guess you have a sneaking suspicion that most Christians are not Christian. What an odd contention.

  • ||

    Mr. Lewis,

    Shut up. And your movies suck by the way.

  • C.S. Lewis||


    I never made a movie.
    Why are you so hostile?
    Do you always engage in such low-brow tactics when someone disagrees with you?

  • mere christianity||


    I do wonder why you feel the need to align yourself more closely with one religious group that believes in divine creation of the universe more than another. It seems that, if as I presume, you disagree with the basic premise, you would want to disassociate yourself with all believers in creationism.

    Does your impression of the difference come from living in a community that is more christian than muslim? Are you more comfortable with your neighbors if you believe that they agree with you on this issue? If so, why fear their different view on the topic?


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