Labor Day Fun Link #2

The Downfall parody to end all Downfall parodies. Via Jim Henley.

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  • some guy||

  • Joe M||

    I'm sure Pat Buchanan would say he's just misunderstood.

  • Sam Grove||

    Tears in my eyes.

  • ||

    The "Downfall" parody for motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • ||

    I'm with Bruno. One of these was plenty.

  • Brian Sorgatz||

    Where's Labor Day Fun Link #1?

  • kinnath||

    I still the Hillary version was special.

  • Jesse Walker||

    Where's Labor Day Fun Link #1?

    See: zombies.

  • Elemenope||

    Very meta, low-hanging fruit, and yet surprisingly clever.

  • Paul||

    This one is excellent-- and the best so far. There was one on the real estate bubble that was decent.

  • ||

    The clip with Hitler ranting about Burning Man hippies was classic

  • Andy||

    Weirdly, Hitler rants against his own meme has become something of a meme in its own right.

    Here's mine, (done - I swear to God - before I saw this one)...



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