Catching Up With Motorhome Diarists, Free-Wheeling Friends of Freedom

The last time caught up with Jason Talley and Pete Eyre, the duo was just about to hit the open road in a revamped RV to report on small-town stories of repression and nanny-statism, and to meet up with libertarians around the country. And, above all, to avoid the apocalyptic fates that seem to await protagonists in RV-centered movies ranging from Race With The Devil to Lost in America. Click here to watch that interview.

Since hitting the highway in April, the pair picked up a third crew member, Adam Mueller, got arrested (for no real reason) in Jones County, Mississippi, and created a thriving online site and community.

The Motorhome Diaries crew blog and post videos at their site, which features interviews and commentaries from leading libertarians such as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and the Cato Institute's David Boaz. caught up with Motorhome diarists on a recent swing through DC and took a tour of the RV parked just outside our offices on Connecticut Avenue NW. Nick Gillespie talks with the Motorhome Diaries crew about their continuing journey, the shape of individual liberty in the heartland, their plans for the future, and more.

Approximately 3.35 minutes. Shot by Dan Hayes and Meredith Bragg and edited by Meredith Bragg.

For downloadable versions of this, go here now.

Bonus video! The Motorhome Diaries interview's Nick Gillespie, who expresses disappointment that disaster hadn't yet befallen the crew, explains why we're living in the libertarian moment, why you should live your life as a work of art, and much more. Click below to watch both parts. For more info and videos from the Motorhome Diaries, go here.

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    So their website is back up. That's good. I couldn't find it the week after they were arrested.

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    Who's that guy on the left?

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    Who's that guy on the left?

    Good question. He sorta looks like Nick Gillespie... but he's not wearing a black leather jacket, so I don't know who it is. Maybe his twin brother?

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    Finally,you are come back.Its really a good news to all of us.


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