Fun With Auto-News

Bad News gotcha down? What with Craigslist getting a bad rap and Nancy Pelosi's (possible) knowledge "Freedom Water Slides" way back when, it's easy to imagine one foregoing newhounding forever a day. Well...cheer up. The folks at Boing Boing have found a series of television news clips transformed through Auto-Tune. It's almost as good as the entire Love Always album and definitetly worth a look:

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  • Ravac||

    Heh, saw this on Attack of the Show last night.

  • ||

    I don't know why I even go to Boingboing anymore, I can just wait for a Winkler post.

  • EJM||

    I prefer YouTube postings of random clips accompanied by "Hello News" (examples here and here). (For completists, here's a WBAL-TV tease and open from 1981, when that station was using HN.)

  • Naga Sadow||

    That was awesome!

  • Brian Sorgatz||

    The audio effect is somewhat Peter Frampton-y.

  • Paul||



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