Now Playing at What the Dems Won't Talk About (Including the Drug War, Civil Liberties, Immigration, and Every Other Libertarian Issue)

Hours before Barack Obama appears in Mile High Stadium (a.k.a. Invesco Field), reason's Matt Welch, David Weigel, Mike Flynn, and Tim Cavanaugh talk all the libertarian topics that Democrats won't talk about. Shot and edited by Alexander Manning.

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    Dave, is your real father Charlie Sheen?

  • shrike||

    Since when do Americans vote based on these issues?

    Hell, civil liberties have become a TARGET for the GOP - I can't count the number who state their disgust for the ACLU. At least the Dems have a smattering of advocates of such.

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    When is the Libertarian convention? I saw a couple of guys with beards and 8-year old Nokias on their belts at Applebee's the other day, was that it?

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    The Libertarian Cconvention was the one on CSPAN with a bunch of Republicans, an old guy with some piercings, and a pirate.

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    That ain't Dave Weigel. That's David Estevez.

  • SIV||

    The only opinion the DemocRATS have to offer on libertarian issues is condemnation.

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    Oh, I see what you did there. Clever. I've totally changed my vote.

  • GG||

    Dave, is your real father Charlie Sheen?

    Heh. I'd have to hear his falsetto, but I think Matt is living a double life as Josh Homme.


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