John Edwards: Rhetoric, Flatulence Not Enough; WSJ: Copyediting, Proofreading Not Enough

From the Cato Institute's David Boaz comes this hat tip about an anti-Barack Obama debate point made many moons ago by presidential sweepstakes loser John Edwards:

"Rhetoric is not enough. High flatulent language is not enough," says Edwards from a debate appearance.

Read that, from a Wall Street Journal blog, here.

Sadly, and like too many really great stories, this one is simply wrong. In the video clip the Journal embeds right there, Edwards plainly says "high falutin.'"

And that's your Thursday morning comedown.

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  • Episiarch||

    "High fellating" would have made me vote for him.

    (not really, but it would have been TEH WINNAR)


    You say flatulating, I say faluting...still glad Edwards got called off.

  • Blue||

    I miss John Edwards. I really, really do.

  • ||


  • Guy Montag||

    That person from the WSJ 'blog may be from that part of the country where people speak funny and can't understand normal speech.

    You know, that part of the country where they over pronounce the g at the end of words and barely pronounce their Rs.

  • Jim Anderson||


  • ||

    I believe that we have an instance of RC'z Law, there. The typo is definitely superior to the original.

  • Reader||

    Typos R 2 funny!

  • ||

    I keep telling you gyus, spellcheckers are dangerous!


    I thought guns were dangerous, or was that nugs?

  • Other Matt||

    I thought guns were dangerous, or was that nugs?

    No, in joe's world, it's white people that are dangerous. Danger consists exclusively of white people, as they are the source of all things negative in joe's world.

    It was probably less a typo than a freudian slip, btw.

  • ||

    I guess they don't understand Southern. "High falutin'" is a perfectly respectable compoound adjective in South Speak. As in, "Don't come around here with your high falutin' ways and think you gonna tell us what to do!"

    I miss John too. I want him as either VP or Attorney General.

  • ||


    Gnus. Gnus can be very dangerous, especially if you startle them.

  • ||

    Remember kids, not Gnus is good Gnus.

  • ||

    Damn, the fat finger syndrome strikes again!

  • ||

    I miss John too. I want him as either VP or Attorney General.

    I think John Edward would make an excellent White House Council on Postmortem Conversations.

  • ||

    In this instance, I think "flatulent" works perfectly well as a synonym for what John Edwards And His Hair actually said.


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