Now Playing at Doherty on DC Gun Case

On Tuesday, March 18, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in District of Columbia v. Heller, the first major gun-rights case to be decided by the Court since the 1930s.

Heller deals with Washington, D.C.'s ultra-restrictive gun control laws, which have been in place since 1976. reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty, author of This Is Burning Man: The Rise of a New American Underground and Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern Libertarian Movement, is writing a book about the case and its ramifications; the volume will be released later this year by Cato Books.

Last week, Doherty gave a quick rundown of his project. Click below to check out the video.

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  • Other Matt||

    Ye gods!!! Brian says that the roots of gun control are those of Jim Crow laws! Cue joe with a bunch of meaningless bullshit accusing Brian of racism for even intimating such, and how it's really not that he's a caucasian-skin color loathing white boy from the north. Really, it's not, the problem is all someone else, always, really.

    It will be interesting as a predictive book how he does in regards to outcome, though I hope it arrives at the outcome he mentions.

  • ||

    Also, Dude, weapon is not the preferred nomenclature. Gun, please.

    [The former having the legal definition of an implement used offensively in the commission of a crime.]

  • Mike Laursen||

    No joe. There's like 22 new Hit & Run posts today. I don't think even joe can keep up with that.

  • The Wine Commonsewer||

    Brian, I had no idea, that's way cool.

    Have to say, though, it's an ill wind and I don't see a silver lining. Very worried about the outcome of this case.

  • Stephen Gordon||

    Worried about the outcome on this one, too.

    Been spending a lot of time around NRA board member Bob Barr lately. I'd describe his "insider" positioning as cautiously optimistic.

  • LarryA||

    Nine AM CDT. For better or worse, it's started.

  • The Wine Commonsewer||

    Thanks, Stephen, I'd describe my position as hopefully pessimistic. But then, I'm a glass-half-empty guy hoping that there is still more wine in the bottle.

  • ||

    The scotus blog is having a live blog starting shortly.

  • ||

    Doherty doesn't have a chin. Anybody else disturbed?

  • ||

    Isn't Brian standing near the spot where Hinckley shot Reagan and James Brady?

  • Brian Sorgatz||

    Doherty doesn't have a chin. Anybody else disturbed?

    If only it were legal to pay people to donate chins, Jay Leno would have an incentive to help him out.

  • Brian Sorgatz||

    A chinless stand-up comic talked about dating a girl with no neck. He asked her, "Wanna neck?" She replied, "Sure. Want a chin?"


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