Declare Victory and Go Home

Poking around for something else I found this credulous blog post about the Victory Caucus, praising it (a little) for doing to Republicans what liberal blogs could do to Democrats. I wanted to see if my hopes held up, whether the Victory Caucus had blossomed into a blog or PAC that was funding primary challenges against Republicans like Florida's Ric Keller, whom Hugh Hewitt once pledged to crush under the boots of a million well-muscled Victory Caucusers.

Well, no, it hasn't.

It's been two months since there was any action on the Victory Caucus site, a post by NZ Bear announcing that "after consideration among the Board of Directors" (referred to elsewhere as the "Board of Governors") the group was splitting up into a 501c4 and a PAC. No other action on the prospective 501c4 since then, and the Victory PAC site consists of a pledge form and three blog posts, the most recent from April 27.

Why just a pledge form instead of a full-scale donation box? Because the PAC never launched. I checked with the FEC and the IRS and while there already is an organization called the "Victory PAC," it's been around for years—it's not the pro-war group.

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    You mean they cut and ran?

    Last one who supports the war, please turn out the lights.

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    I seem to recall that Ric Keller is one of Dondero's true libertarian Republicans.

    Turns out he's actually more libertarian than I thought.

    Of course my Congressman (in the dist next door to Keller's) is a true Republican and not some yellow-bellied cut'n'runner (not to be confused with a hit'n'runner, all of whom are courageous and true).

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    Anyone who's read 1984 can't take anything prefixed with Victory seriously.

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    Please help us understand why it is that you write for Reason and not The Nation. Thank you in advance of your efforts.

    - Mark

  • David Weigel||


    Because Castro's check bounced.

    - Dave

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    - Jason

  • highnumber||


    Please help us understand why it is that you read this blog and not the National Review's Corner? Thank you in advance of your efforts.


  • e||

    I'll send in half a bag of Cheetos, what's the PO Box?

  • Jim Henley||

    "Victory Coalition" was too nuanced. It's been succeeded by "We Win They Lose," which I understand is about to give way to the more straightforward

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    From the Yglesias comments section:

    The all time best was 'No End but Victory' created by trevino in his heyday. At its inception the phrase referred to Iraq, but about six weeks in that super genius realized what a clusterfuck Iraq was and repurposed his site to the "war on terror." What a fucking douche.

    Posted by Tacitus liked boys | June 7, 2007 9:25 PM

  • dhex||

    did they have enough chrome in the logo?

    victory is you!

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    I've found your blog on the search.
    I've read some of your posts.
    They are very interesting.

    For enhanced comedy value, imagine this bit of the above comment-spam being repeatedly shouted at you by Mandy Patinkin, circa 1987.


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