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All right, true believers---let's Kirbycise!

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    He was the king of dynamic foreshortening.

  • ||

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone pose like that in real life.

  • Juan Arteaga||

    Speaking of Kirby dots and Machine Organisms designed only for Killing, would Mister Miracle be the ultimate Libertarian?

  • ||

    Jonathan: I pose like that all the time.
    I also strike an akimbo pose when entering a room.
    When introduced to people, I usually say "Lo, for I am known to men as JEFF!"

  • Jon Bristow||

    My friend posing as Major Meteor in a kirbyesque pose:

  • ||

    Hey, this Kirby page starts off with a character who makes Jane Fonda look like a cookie-baking house frau! She should totally lead the class!

    (I think! I feel! I fight!)

  • ||

    Just add Jazz Hands.

  • ||

    Jazz hands? Somehow I think Ditko fingers would fit better. Thwipt!



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