Yngwie Malmsteen Releases the Fury

One of the many glories of our Internet age is that the petty humiliations and absurdities of fading guitar shredders can go global at the speed of light. Please -- please! -- check out here to listen to a recording of what is said to be the aftermath of an altercation between the Swedish string-bender and a fellow passenger on a Tokyo flight in which she, offended by comments Malmsteen had made, poured water on his head. This isn't the superspeedy pickers first international incident -- shortly after 9/11, he drove a Brazilian crowd to anger by playing the U.S. national anthem.

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  • ron||

    Finally, two web pages I read every day, Reason and Blabbermouth.net, come together. Heavy metal libertarians unite!

  • ||

    Hey, I'm just glad anyone besides myself even remembers Yygwie Malmsteen!


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