35 Years Ago in Reason

"The notion of conspiracy is in many ways an evasion of detailed causal analysis. Conspiracies have occurred and will, no doubt, continue to do so; but this is no justification for becoming emotionally addicted to such explanations to the exclusion of more extended and complex analyses."

-William Marina, "Shooting Down the Conspiracy Theory"

"Like most zealots, they are very different from ordinary people. True believers all, they exude party line and exclude from serious attention any nonconforming person or opinion. With such people in power, Washington is a changed place."

-H. Peter Metzger, "Environmental Activists Capture Washington"

"Based on my 23 years of teaching experience, I would say that in suburban schools 50 percent of the children are so badly behaved and to such an extent that they don't belong in school."

-Theresa Hale de Soubiese, "Surviving the Blackboard Jungle"

-May 1979

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  • antisocial-ist||

    Sooo, same shit different decade. Never changes, we're all doomed. Thanks for the inspiration.


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