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“Peering into the future is always risky business, and health care is no exception to the general rule. But if one prediction can be ventured, it is that there will be greater government control over the provision of health-care services in this country 25 years from now than there is today.”

—Richard Epstein, “Unmanageable Care”

“Don’t get lost in Portland. On a typical day, police there seize between 16 and 18 cars from drivers they believe are soliciting prostitutes. Even if a car owner isn’t charged, he must pay for towing, storage, and court costs.”

—Rick Henderson, “Rip-Off City”

“‘Bourgeois virtues’? Don’t make me laugh. The bourgeoisie may be useful, even necessary. But virtuous? Since 1848 or so the intellectuals, who at first welcomed the bourgeoisie most cordially, have been sneering this way at the very idea of ‘virtue’ in the middle class. ‘Man must labor/ Man must work,’ says a nursery rhyme for moderns, ‘The executive is / A dynamic jerk.’”

—Donald McCloskey, “Bourgeois Blues”

—May 1993

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