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“The GOP needs to reaffirm that morals are the province of the home and the church, not the government. The religious right won’t like it, but they are not likely to defect en masse to the liberal Democrats over just this one issue.” 

—Robert W. Poole Jr., “Winning One for the GOP”

“Religions and individuals are under government attack—not directly by laws that prohibit their beliefs but, more insidiously, by economic regulations that cripple the free exercise of those beliefs.” 

—Virginia I. Postrel, “Quiet Crusade”

“The best part of freedom is that you don’t have to look over your shoulder every time you say something. The basic thing is freedom to practice things that you believe in and believing that you can be better so you strive for something. That was suppressed in the Soviet Union.” 

—Yakov Smirnoff, reason interview

—December 1987

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