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“The Fourth Amendment might as well be torn up as far as financial privacy is concerned. The IRS, for example, audits millions of tax returns every year without any probable cause or evidence of wrongdoing. The filing of the return itself is a violation of your right to privacy in your personal papers. The IRS requires you to divulge all sorts of private details about your monetary affairs and, upon audit, demands disclosure of anything related to a tax issue—all without a court warrant.” 

—Mark Skousen, “Snooping Sam”

 “The great achievement of Ronald Reagan, in fact, was in making ideology once again respectable in American politics. He talked about liberty, about individual rights, about how the Founders established certain principles that need to be followed to maintain a free and prosperous society. And Americans responded with enthusiasm.” 

—Edward H. Crane, “Max Headroom For President”

—August/September 1987

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