Creative Construction

The Cult of LEGO (No Starch) is an encyclopedic tribute to the adults who have turned a tiny plastic toy into a means of creative expression. Cult reveals a host of different approaches: there are Lego animators, cartoonists, graffiti artists. The book offers only the briefest acknowledgement that each set of the toys comes with directions at all. The boldest builders prefer to copy the Dome of the Rock, construct an apocalyptic street scene, or a few well-chosen figures to critique extraordinary renditions. Some Lego constructions have even been used for “high art” in museum exhibits.

The company has expanded into robotics sets and computer games, custom sets and digital building. But fans always go a step further, whether by designing and even crafting their own bricks or using Legos to craft prosthetic hands or model a potential space elevator. —Lucy Steigerwald

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