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The WikiLeaks effect

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Okay. Putin and Berlusconi holding hands, Gadhafi and his buxom nurse, a naked Sarkozy... Some actual thought was put into this one.

    It borders on clever. It flirts with well-done. It goes on the refrigerator door.

  • ||

    Yep, take off those unnecessary arrows, and I think we've got an NEA grant in the works.

  • Matt Felch||

    Seriously, I hate silly labels and arrows in political cartoons. Make the faces and characteristics of the World Leaders more detailed, over embellished, etc. and you wouldn't have to label them.

  • Quiet Desperation||

    Now, now. This is America, where we just found out that no one knows where Qatar is.

    It is, of course, the tiny asteroid where the Little Prince lives. Where they plan to put the soccer fields is anyone's guess.

  • ||

    These cartoonists today... I bet a lot of them don't even have passports!

  • Bucky||

    hear'd they live in flyover country.

  • vornline||

    I think Putin is a very charismatic leader personality

  • a penny a day keeps Obama away||


  • Kolohe||

    Hey, a non-sucky Friday funny. I must have overslept; it's 2012 and the world is about to end.

  • ||

    I'm in utter shock Bok. Congratulations on your first Friday Funny.

  • Zeke||

    "An inconvenient truth" with the scientist holding the candle underneath the thermometer wasn't bad. The arrows in this one kind of insult my intelligence.

  • Zeke||

  • ||

    That's not funny, I'm a scientist!

  • Bucky||

    a scientist without peer review is like...

  • Fiscal Meth||

    ...a jerk without a circle.

  • emerson||

    This post has more labels than a Kelly cartoon.

  • Matt Felch||

    But when Kelly does it, its making fun of comics like this that do it.

    Er, I think.. Maybe Kelly just isn't funny, and we're supposed to think he's making parodies....

  • Matt Felch||

    But when Kelly does it, its making fun of comics like this that do it.

    Er, I think.. Maybe Kelly just isn't funny, and we're supposed to think he's making parodies....

  • ||

    Where's the Swedish prosecutor?

  • C. Montgomery Burns||


  • Almanian||

    ...but no "Barack Obama". So RACIST!!!

    Good morning, everyone.

  • Patriot Mike||

    Obama has no problem with this guy.

  • O The Bama||

    Let me be clear, you will still be able to read your Wikileaks...

  • Joe M||

    Yeah, not bad. We need the entire worldwide media establishment in the picture though.

  • ||

    Don't forget to add Tony and John.

  • Shitty Friend||

    Gotta give Bok props. Bok Props!

  • Fatty Bolger||

    Best FF so far? Great job on the caricatures, the labels aren't even necessary.

  • ||

    They forgot to include Rep. Peter King (R-NY) who wants to lock the Wikileaks people up in Guantanomo Bay.

  • ||

    ....and Hillary, most of congress.

  • Bucky||

    don't you see. we're just not important on the world stage. hence, we (U.S.) don't appear ANYWHERE. even in a sucky little editorial cartoon.

  • robc||

    Best in a while.

    Todays xkcd was better and relates to postings from yesterday.

  • x,y||

    bahahahah, excellent

  • robc||

    Also, saw the following yesterday and thought it would be good for posting during Fridays Funnies. Unlike most OOTS, no need to understand the characters or plotline, its pretty self explanatory. Order of the Stick.

    For some reason, I figured that discussion would amuse some folks here.

  • robc||

    Just realized that 2/3rds of the online comics I follow involve stick figures.


  • squarooticus||

    When you're looking for something funny, it should be no surprise that "funny" is more important than "beautiful".

  • Jen||

    Heh. Not bad.

  • ||

    Why is Richard Nixon mad at Assange AND holding hands with Putin?

  • NoStar||

    Where is Newt Gingrich?

  • Hundocumented||

    where is Waldo? (sorry, I had to... I'll go stand in the corner now...)

  • ||

    He at least needed to put the arrow over the Saudi King. Without it, I would have thought it was a Saudi prince about to sodomize Assange with that stick.

  • ||


  • squarooticus||

    This one's actually kind of good. Bravo.

  • ||

    Wouldn't Assange blend in with the white background so there would only be an empty suit running à la the Invisible Man...?

  • ||

    It would be funny if Assange ended up as a refugee in Cuba or Venezuala.

  • El Duderino||

    My favorite description yet:

    "Asange is the type of Dbag that would answer the door to his apartment wearing a turtleneck and nothing else."

    I paraphrased cause I cant remember the actual quote cause I am high and drunk... so pllplplpplllfff.... but it was stated by Greg Gutfeld on Red Eye... a god show with a lot of leg.

  • El Duderino||

    GOOD show with a lot of leg... it has very little to do with god... I promise.

  • The Fringe Economist||

    Best Julian Assange political cartoon ever!

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