Friday Funnies

Obama's energy agenda

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  • ||

    Big Ethanol needs a monocle. F-

  • Mango Punch||

    *and a corn cob pipe

  • seguin||

    A tailcoat and bigger tophat wouldn't hurt either.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Having Big Ethanol as an organ grinder is okay, I guess (although you got the outfit wrong), but what that suggests about the president is extremely racist.

    Also, needs to be in color.

  • Mango Punch||

    hahahahaha - excellent. Your comment was funnier than the cartoon.

  • Jess||

    Not an organ grinder, but a puppeteer.

  • ||

    A ventriloquist, if you will.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Then it seems like it should have been more of a marionette situation.

    Anyway, it would have been easier for Big Ethanol if they simply put that sentence on the teleprompter.

  • the power of one||

    Archer Daniels Midland

    Lining the pockets of politicians for 15+ years.

  • Almanian||

    And Sunday-morning political talk fests wouldn't exist without them.

  • Almanian||

    Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the lead pipe.

    Wait, wrong thread...

  • Rich||

    I like the MST3K effect. It could be used for most of the administration's feature presentations.

  • Jen||

    I didn't think it was so bad. I give it a C+.

  • George V||

    Give 'em the old razzle dazzle.

  • ||


  • Joe M||

    If you look at just the portion of the image visible on the main blog page, it looks like Obama is sprouting Cthulhu-esque tentacles over the podium. That would've been MUCH cooler.

  • ||

    Does the audience look surprised to discover Obama is a puppet?

  • ||

    But no one in the panel has lips. and Big Ethanol should be smoking a corn cob pipe.

  • Mango Punch||

    * sorry posted mine b4 I saw your comment. Mediocre minds think similarly?

  • Tim||

    BAd news for boats and tractors.

  • waffles||

    I don't get it, why don't Obama's lips move? Is he having a stroke?

  • Mango Punch||

    Big ethenol should have a corn cob pipe.

  • ||

    So, Big Ethanol has its hand jammed up Obama's ass?

    Works for me.

    The great thing is, you could rerun this cartoon every day for a month, and just change the name on the button.

  • Wind Rider||

    My truck doesn't like ethanol. It read the scare articles about high fructose corn syrup.

  • Paul||

    Big Ethanol has horrible taste in clothes. That suit makes me airsick.

  • Bella||

    Great work Obama your great solutions of growing government is just amazing. Maybe we all can work for the government.

  • Kade||

    This was dry as all hell dog

  • ||

    zzzzzzz.. wha, what?


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  • The Mossy Spaniard||

    "What everybody san say TASTY! Let's have such a coffee now!"

  • El Duderino||

    Do all the special interests take turns with their hands up the puppets ass or is his ass so wide open they can all make him speak at the same time?

  • ||

    I just did a google search for Obama Ethanol 15.

    The first hit was a news article claiming that refiners were NOT REQUIRED to increase the ethanol content. The action merely allowed the increase for some 2001-2006 vehicles. Which means not at all really.

    Henry Payne==FAIL ...again.

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