I.M.P.: The Isabel Paterson Story

Part 2: Success, Power, and Fame!

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  • Suki||

    You couldn't do this on Friday?

    Good morning reason!

  • -||

    Nuh uh. Fool me once...

  • Fiscal Meth||

    Ughh. Twice...Shame on me!

  • ||

    Am I the only one who never heard of this chick until Bagge's comic?

  • Some Guy||

    No. And that's a great pity.

  • ||

    Maybe. I've known about her for decades. Any well-read libertarian should have atleast heard of her. The 3 women of early libertarianism are Rand, IMP, and Rose Wilder Lane.

  • DBN||

    The tragedy is that I'm sure she was a much more interesting person than this series makes her out to be. She's starting to come accross like Carrie Bradshaw in a frumpy hat.

  • ||

    You've known about her for decades? Can you name the books that she wrote that you've read without looking her up on the Net?

  • ||

    So, in this thread we have posters who've never heard of either Isabel Paterson nor Peter Bagge.

    How did these people even find their way here?

  • Banjos Kick Ass!||

    Funny story, there is a halfway house that has a website with a very similar spelling.

  • Alex||

    Doesn't this cartoonist also publish for MAD magazine?

  • ||

    Probably -- it's been a couple of years since I've looked through MAD. I think I've seen him there.

    P-Bagg made his name back in the 80s doing alt/underground stuff.

  • -||

    Seems rather undergroundish still.

  • ||

    Do you know how to use Google?

    Peter Bagge is an extremely well known, influential, and well regarded cartoonist. He is best known for his 90s comic book Hate; which chronicled the adventures of a character named Buddy Bradley.

    But he's done a whole lot, and has been a high profile contributor to fucking Reason magazine for years.

  • ||

    Peter Bagge goes back further than the 80s. He was right there along with Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb, and Spain in the underground comics arena of the 1960s.

  • ||

    Well, the 70s or 80s I guess, around the time of Crumb's magazine Weirdo.

  • ||

    Weirdo started in the early 80s. Bagge was associated with the underground zine Punk in NYC back in late 70s, at the earliest. I think he was editor of Punk for a bit, too. He ended up being the editor of Weirdo after Crumb.

  • ||

    This is a great series. I've never heard of Paterson either.

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