35 Years Ago in Reason

“We at reason hope the magazine industry won’t stand idly by while a new fairness doctrine is imposed on newspapers—because magazines are the next logical target. And we would like to take this opportunity to state publicly that should such a law be proposed we will fight it, and should such a law be passed we will ignore it. This magazine belongs to us and to nobody else.”

—Robert Poole Jr., “No ‘Right’ To Reply”

“The new mood in Congress is indicative of a growing concern, shared by libertarians and some liberals and conservatives, over the role of the federal government in collecting—and misusing—data on individuals.”

—Trends, “Holding off 1984”

“The main problem would be if the government steps in ‘to ameliorate the suffering,’ ‘maintain wage levels,’ ‘save jobs,’ and in general acts to keep the mess from getting liquidated so that the thing drags on indefinitely, as was the case in the Great Depression.”

—Davis E. Keeler, “How You Can Profit From the Coming Stone Age”

—June 1974

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