Room to Maneuver

Sizing up a land grab

At 663,000 acres, the expanded Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site would be the secondlargest active military site in the United States. Here are the current top five:

  • Fort Bliss (California): 1.1 million acres
  • Fort Irwin (California): 642,000 acres
  • Edwards Air Force Base (California): 301,000 acres
  • Fort Stewart (Georgia): 280,000 acres
  • Fort Hood (Texas): 217,000 acres

The area occupied by the expanded training ground would be

  • Six times as big as Barbados
  • Five times as big as American Samoa
  • Three times as big as New York City
  • Twice as big as Grand Teton National Park
  • Almost as big as Rhode Island

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