Friday Funnies

Rescuing Wall Street

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    First! to say not really funny.

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    Just saw W talkin about the necessity of rescuing the economy. So I guess this is accurate. And I even chuckled a bit.

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    Like Bush's speech Wednesday night, this cartoon benefits from familiarity with his past work.

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    Oh, wait a second, that's Scott Santis. Nevermind.

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    It's not terrible

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    Did anyone else notice that the fire engine isn't even on the ground--as in the plan itself is not grounded in reality? And yes, everyone does have their firehats on, and that kind of panic does no one any good.

    Or maybe the fire engine is floating because of Paulson's jedi mind tricks . . .

    Shit, now the Imperial March is playing in my head.

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    IMHO, the fire truck should have been depicted careening down a mountain road.

  • Jon Bristow||

    I thought it was chuckleworthy because of the expression of the one firefighter, and because it made me think of the Clerks animated series.


  • the innominate one||

    better than Bok, but that's damning with faint praise

  • blood sword||

    I thought this was pretty good.

    Probably better than the not-so-subtle one-panel I thought of last night for this situation in which "John Q. Taxpayer" is sadly bending over while two large-donged gentlemen named "Wall St." and "Uncle Sam" lined up behind him for some unholy buggery.

  • Johnny Nowhere||

    far better than most Friday Funnies (sic).

    this one arouses a mighty ambivalence from me.

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    Well, Dubya is certainly calm. Of course, this isn't at all "ha-ha" funny, but at least it's on that side of the scale.

  • Regis Carnifex||

    Wow, I didn't retch when I saw this cartoon!

  • Paul||

    Tough crowd. I thought it was pretty funny.

  • Francesco Sinibaldi||

    I love your behaviour...

    I love your
    behaviour, the light
    of a blackbird
    and a luminous
    farm; I listen
    to you when
    a care disappears
    and then, in the
    sound of a new
    day, a magical
    dreamland invites
    me to cry....

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  • قبلة الوداع||

    thank u


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